Party’s foundation & its identification destroyed by Zardari & Company

4 provinces and Azad Kashmir party now reduced its original identity to a province

From Nazir Siyal
Naheed Khan a political secretary of late Benazir Bhutto has made the responsible to Asif Ali Zardari former President Pakistan and his regime that the party of all four provinces and Azad Kashmir is now without its original identity and seemed to be heading nowhere except in one province.
She also disclosed that the UN investigative team 5 or 6 times, reports finally came out in April 2010 and would have come close to the perpetrators, financiers, planners and those who carried it out, but these reports were initially accepted and later rejected by the then (PPP) government, even we pursued the case to the satisfaction for the masses.
Naheed Khan in an early interview, she said the party’s foundation appears to be destroyed by Zardari, so that he should leave the party and not make a family fiefdom of what belongs to the masses. We believe that Bhutto is not just the name of a person (Z.A. Bhutto or Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto). It is the name of a vision and a principle, an ideology she added.
Naheed said Zardari & Company leadership have almost made it a mainstream right wing party which has damaged its position in the country. We have nothing personal against Zardari Sahib, but I think he could not sense the pulse of the nation and does not know how to reach the hearts of the people. That is what is necessary for the people of country and the party in the name of masses she told.
On the occasion, a veteran PPP Dr Safdar Abbasi told that the negative impact on the party decisions during Zardari’s Government and Mohtarma’s assassination has had already was a tragic impact on Pakistan and the lack of an answer will not be forgiven by the masses of the country, because during five years PPP government no great emphasis was paid on finding those responsible. Why was the criminal investigation closed and changed to just a fact-finding investigation. So that the result is party has lost a great deal of its following in three provinces and this setback is going to be very difficult to overcome he said.

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