Parties to protest against Govt to support Islamabad PTI, PAT workers

Imtiaz Gorar
Different political organizations among PTI, PAT. ST and others held protest and demonstration in front of Jinah Bagh against the brutal tortures on workers in Islamabad here on Tuesday.
Responding the central protest call, activists of Pakistan Tehreek e insaf, Pakistan Awami Tehree, Suni Tehreek, Wahdat ul Muslimeen, Jamiat Ulmai Pakistan and other organizations joined the protest to express solidarity with victims of model town and Islamabad, the protesters were carrying the banners and placards inscribed with slogans demanding the departure of PML N government and arrest of involved accused behind the model town and Islamabad incidents.
On the occasion PTI Leader Shahid Rind, PAT Leader Shaikh, Abdul Aziz, JUP leader Hafiz Ahmed Ali Abbasi, ST leader Abdul Rasheed Sangi , Wahdat ul Muslimeen leader Mushtaq Memon and others strongly condemned the atrocity of Police for torturing the innocent protesters who raising voice for their rights.
They said that PTI Chief Imran Khan and PAT Chief Allama Tahir ul Qadri are revolutionary leaders who struggling for the rights of 180 million people of Pakistan, added that country is passing through critical time, corruption, lawlessness, inflation, unemployment and other national crises have paralyzed the country due to poor policies of rulers..
They said that prevailing system has compelled youth to commit suicide and sell organs of their bodies due to poverty and unemployment due to non implementing on merit, adding that prevailing system needs to be changed.