Parliamentary panel outlines Pakistan’s new anti-terror plan

ISLAMABAD: A working group of parliamentary parties on Tuesday suggested measures ranging from formation of military courts to anti-terrorism council as part of nation’s efforts against the scourge of terrorism which has devoured lives of more than 50, 000 people.

The working group came up with 21 recommendations. It proposed formation of the anti-terrorism council to be chaired by the prime minister and represented by interior ministry, the army, the Inter-Services Intelligence, Intelligence Bureau and other organizations.

It stressed the need to strengthen the National Anti counter terrorism Authority and formation of a special task force to eliminate terrorism.

It recommended that militants included in schedule fourth of the anti-terror act be arrested and a ban be imposed on the militant organizations and their leaders.

It also called for a ban on hate speech and literature and underscored the need for reforms in the religious seminaries.

The working group suggested action through monitoring internet activities of terrorists by the Federal Investigation Agency.

It also asked the government to protect religious minorities and cancel all the licenses for explosive material.

The working group urged the government to strengthen the provincial government of Balochistan for political reconciliation and take the ongoing Karachi operation to a logical end.

The experts also recommended that act of praising terrorists through electronic and print media should be considered as a crime.

It is expected that the anti-terrorism plan would be materialized within two weeks of its approval

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