By Shahid Ehsan Khalid

After the surprise fall of Kanduz to Afghan Taliban, shock waves can be felt in Afghanistan, Washington and its allies. However, anguished voices of Pak origin are quite vociferous as well. This would have been a comic situation had so much human blood not been spilled over it. The same intelligent people, who had always criticized Pak establishment for interfering in Afghan internal affairs, are now advocating intervention and that too on behalf of the present Afghan government. What the world has come to!

If one stands on one’s head, as these gentlemen are standing, everything will look so normal and right. And their demand will make sense too.

Let us start with USSR invasion of that wretched country called Afghanistan. Invasion of any country is a crime and ordinary people condemn it as such. The gentlemen standing on their heads praised the invasion and, in fact, hailed it as a great achievement.

Afghans fighting for liberation of their country were called liberation fighters, just like Viet Nam, Algeria, Angola and Mozambique. In this endless saga of sacrificing lives for their country, these liberation fighters reached new dimensions of bravery and patience.

These gentlemen standing on their head saw the liberation fighters as wrong and occupation force as right.

Pakistan was involved for saving its own skin and for the first time in one thousand years, a definite attack from the North was repulsed conclusively.
American support was accepted with great joy and huge benefit. Remember Afghans (and Pakistan) were fighting against the bear when the Americans had written off Afghanistan as the lost pawn in international chess game. ……The stinger missile just expedited the inevitable.

The USSR left the occupied territory and as so often happens, jihad turns into fasad, the inter-tribal feuds, an element of superior guerilla maneuvers and an advantage in liberation struggle, became source of civil war among tribes and war lords. (Did someone remember late dictator and successor of ZAB, Gen ZiaulHaq performing a volte-face, and retreating from his officially stated policy that USSR should leave Afghanistan as they have come, without any invitation or conditions. On the eve of USSR negotiated exit he started to state that if the Soviet Union leave the country as suddenly as it had invaded it, the resultant civil war will take countless lives and turmoil will continue for a long time to come.
The then government of late Muhammad Khan Junejo considered it its foreign policy achievement that they negotiated USSR exit from Afghanistan. Hence they chose to ignore Gen. Zia’ warnings.

From the exit of Soviet Union to the creation of Taliban by the Pakistan establishment, blood spilled all over that poor country and its poor people suffered even more horribly than the Soviet occupation. The Taliban were kind of fresh air, a revelation, in a country devastated by its rapist, heroine smuggling, sodomites war lords. Taliban were young and they bring peace to the ravaged land. Their poppy cultivation control remains an unbelievable and unique achievement.

All this was very impressive, until they used modern technology to reach the past, an era which was almost four thousand years older than Islam. And they belonged to that era, by choice, by inclination, by ignorance, by their misogynist attitude. Actually it is more than an attitude. It is their ideal. Chained women and gagged citizenry. The barbarism displayed by the Afghan Taliban is not accidental it is part of their psyche, their nature.

Fast forward to 9/11, and it’s after effects for Afghanistan. The American attack on Afghan soil once again created the moral question. Once again true to Marxist principle, honest people objected to American attack on that unfortunate country. Once again, the gentlemen standing on their head revealed their moral bankruptcy and intellectual dishonesty by siding with the invader. AGAIN !

After a long and protracted struggle the Afghan liberation fighters are again close to getting rid of the occupation forces. American loss of face, material, money and lives notwithstanding. The quisling governments of Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani are a replica of Hafeez Ullah Ameen and Babrak Karmal regimes. And as happened in the past, such paper arrangements are bound to melt, as the rays of the sun herald the beginning of a new and better day.


When the Murree parleys were started, I have already noted in my article “the Afghan conundrum” that Pakistan should take part in Afghan-Afghan negotiations as an observer only. Not a host and not a party. Since the Afghans have a nasty habit of blaming all their woes on Pakistan.

Even before Kunduz, it was sort of clear to ordinary people that Afghan Taliban have the brightest chance of ruling the country after the foreign occupation forces leave the accursed land. Once again the moral principle was very clear that we should not interfere or side with any faction.

The gentlemen standing on their head(how else can you explain the consistent dishonesty and support of the invader/s), who had blamed Pakistan for its support to liberation fighters of 1979 occupation as interference in the internal affairs of another country, now suddenly want Pakistan to commit itself against the Taliban in favour of the present quisling!

For Pakistan there is only one possible honourable way of conducting itself. No active support to any party in their internal struggle for power.

And all those standing on their heads, please try to be a little sympathetic towards Pakistan. The only sin it has committed is to produce sons and daughters like you who care for any and every country but their own.

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