Pakistan will observe “BLACK DAY” on Thursday October 27

Allama MashriqiFreedom fighter & Mathematician warned Pak Govt to take control of Kashmir during fight in 1947-48, but rulers neglect: KT Chief

By Sameer Nazir
Federal and provincial governments have announced ‘Black Day’ on Thursday Oct 27. On the eve all government school children, the political and religious parties, civil society and Human Rights activists will take out massive rallies inscribed with banners and placards, seminars and talk shows by the participants against illegal occupation of Indian forces on Jammu & Kashmir.
The rallies will demand International community and United Nations to safeguard the rights of Kashmiris and their will as the resolution since 1948. Pakistan had several times protest over it and condemned illegal occupation on Jammu and Kashmir by Indian forces and violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions.
The day will dawn with speeches in government schools, display of Banners and Photographs depicting Indian Force’s atrocities, while seminars and Talk shows against the conflict since accession of the state on 26 October 1947.
According to the government decision Thursday 27th October, 2016 will be observed “Black Day” across the country and demanded United Nations and international community to take decision according to the resolutions immediately against Indian Army in Kashmir.
Talking to ‘The Pioneer’, renowned Indo-Pak movement for freedom from British rule, Khaksar Tehreek Chief Dr. Sabiha Al-Mashriqi told that founder movement Allama Innayatullah Khan Mashriqi had warned ruling national leaders soon after independence and he along with hundreds of Khaksar activists and the tribal people in Kashmir.
She told the history that ruling leaders had forcefully stopped all them during ongoing fight with Indian forces and announced to nation that the United Nation will resolve the issue now. However the Jamait-e-Islami had also announced the fight (Jihad) in Kashmir is against the Islam on the occasion.
Dr. Sabiha quoted the words of Allama Mashriq that if the matter put into United Nation it will not be resolved till the Day of Judgment, because of future hostility against occupied Kashmir and the killings.
Despite this, government should have struggle to take the advantage to recover their parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Juna-Garh, Jaisalmeer, Pathankot and several other parts, but unfortunately we lost all and rulers put Mashriqi into prison under safety act Chief Khaksar Dr. Sabiha told.
She further quoted the words of renowned scholar and mathematician freedom fighter Allama Mashriqi that he had once again warned ruling leaders to take Kashmir control, otherwise India will divert water resources to his areas and Pakistan will wait for a sip/drop of scarcity of water which would ultimately a death for country, added that India wants to flooded the Pakistan or would not release water to Pakistan she said.
Dr. Sabiha expressed that now the words fulfilled of great leader, because of the ruling leaders had taunted on Allama Mashriqi that he was maid, anybody have had divert the water resources, but the world witnessed over 68 small and big Dams are built by India and also hydal power projects in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
Recently, the Pakistan protest over the issue of Indus water treaty in international community is also the proof of mathematician Chief Khaksar Dr. Sabiha said, she expressed that it is time for the people of country to be united over the issue of Kashmir and Indian atrocities are continued by killings of innocent as well firing on LOC with Pakistan since.

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