Pakistan will nominate ICC president next year: Sethi

LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman, Najam Sethi said it was necessary to support the ‘Big 3’ to play international cricket.

Najam Sethi added that next year Pakistan would nominate the ICC president.

Sethi held a news conference here on Friday after spending the previous day taking part in the International Cricket Council (ICC) meeting in Dubai.

Najam Sethi told reporters that Pakistan would support the ‘Big 3’ after its conditions would be met.

The PCB chairman said he was first informed of the ‘Big 3’ issue on January 8. Sethi told reporters that he discovered on February 8 that Bangladesh was onboard with the proposal while Pakistan and Sri Lanka remained opposed to the ‘Big 3.’

Informing the media about the need to support the ‘Big 3,’ the PCB Chairman said he had held detailed meetings with all countries including India. “We have signed MoUs with all boards for tours over the course of the next eight years.”

According to Sethi some boards had cancelled tours to play against Pakistan. The PCB chairman said after signing the deal Rs30 billion revenue would be generated for Pakistan. The PCB Chairman further said that a series against India had been decided.

Najam Sethi added that the next meeting of the Asian Cricket Council will be held under his chair in Lahore.

When asked about Mohammed Amir, Sethi replied that talks were ongoing with the ICC and the former bowler would play cricket soon. “A decision regarding Amir’s punishment will be taken during the next ICC meeting in June.” Sethi hoped that Amir’s punishment would be decreased by one year.

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