Pakistan Railways spend Rs2.17 crore on maintenance work in four years

LAHORE: Railway authorities have spent more than Rs2.17 crore on the maintenance work of four trains in four years.

Rs2.17 crore were utilized from January 1, 2013 to December 2016 for the purpose of repairing of trains and fuel consumption.

On the other hand, Pakistan Railways suffer due to low income and high expenditures for which the present government has tried to bring down the deficit to Rs 26.993 billion by June 2016 from Rs. 30.504 billion in 2013.

An official said that increase in expenditure is mainly due to increase in pay, pension and allowances as a result of budget announcements and cannot be curtailed.

Highlighting steps taken by the government to reduce deficit of Pakistan Railways, he said passenger sector earned Rs. 20,871.630 million during year 2015-16 as compared to Rs.12,982.218 million in 2012-13, thus registering a growth Rs.7,889.412 million in three years.

The freight sector earned Rs. 10,585.903 million during year 2015-16 as compared to Rs. 1,673.661 million in year 2012-13, registering a growth of Rs. 8,912.242 (532.5 per cent) in three years, he added.

He said Pakistan Railways managed to load 243,794 wagons of different commodities during year 2015-2016, registering an increase of 26.24 percent as compared to wagons in year 2012-13.

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