Pakistan has one of the highest dropout ratios of school going children and schools also in the world.

Allah Bux Khushik
Educationist scholars have said that the Pakistan has one of the highest dropout ratios of school going children and schools also in the world. They said that if the parents, social activists, educationists, none government Organizations and government would not pay attention to this alarming situation of drop outing ratio of school going children, and schools, education in Pakistan specially primary education would be more worsened.
A Seminar was held with topic of ” Future of Pakistan and drop out ratio of children from schools” organized by Administration of Somlait Boarding School Bhurban, Muree at Pir Illahi Bux Law college Dadu.
A big number of educationist scholars, development experts, heads of none government organizations, civil society organizations, lawyers, doctors and students and teachers of various schools and universities attended the seminar.
Dr Anwar Ali Shah G Syed a pro vice chancellor of Sindh University Campus Dadu in his presidential speech said that Pakistan is not enlisted among top 500 universities of the world. He said that if the education would be improved from primary to higher education, the country would be improved.
He said that drop out ratio of school going children is increasing day by day which is affecting primary education in Sindh. Dr Shah said that mostly children are involved in child labour due to different reasons but civil society and citizens are not playing their role to end child labor and enroll the students in the schools.
Renowned educationist scholar, Professor Akmal Nawaz Abbasi, Md Managing Director of Somlait boarding school Bhurban Muree said that Professor Akmal Nawaz Abbasi said that Pakistan comes on 123 number in education system among all over countries of the world, while, Shanghai and Finland secures top one position in education across the world. He said that Pakistan has one of the highest ratios of school dropping in the world also.

Talking about rights of the children, he said that 35000 high school pupils in Pakistan drop out of the education system each year owing to corporal punishment.
He said that it needs to change the Syllabus of the schools and technical and physical training should be provided to the students along with delivery of good knowledge. He announced that he would provide admissions to the 200 students in his school at Somlait Boarding School Bhurban Muree on a scholarship to the poor and intelligent students of Sindh as already 40 students related from Dadu are studying in this school on a scholarship.
Historian, Scholar, Dr Syed Hakim Ali Shah Bukhari said that if the parents, civil society organizations will not pay attention to their children and will not enroll their children at the schools, the drop out ratio of the school going children will increase more. He said that fake appointments, corruption had affected education in Sindh.
Development expert, Khadim Hussain Soomro said that student’s children of Sindh are more clever and intelligent in compare of other parts of country but they have not opportunities to receive education at good schools and good education institutions owing to two main reasons including lack of interest of parents and economically problems. Rubab Jaffery a civil society organization head said that copy culture had destroyed the primary, higher and University education in Sindh and if the copy would not stopped during examinations, the education would not be improved.
SSP Dadu, Sheeraz Nazeer Abbasi said that if the parents will not provide better education to their children at reputed schools and education institutions, their mental growth will be affected and they will not compete to the students of other provinces in competitive examinations. District president Chamber and Commerce and Industries Ghulam Qadir Solangi, Ex Additional Advocate General Sindh, Advocate Shafi Mohammad Memon, Professor Nosheen Akmal Nawaz, Civil society Organization activists, Gulan Bhand, Rubab Jaffery, senior Journalist Nizam Shaikh and Doctor Abdul Hameed Meerani spoke the seminar and demanded from government take efforts for opening of the closed schools in Sindh, appointment the skilled teachers on merit and end the child labor and drop out ratio from schools.