Faiza Latif

Mark Twain stated that; “We have the best government that money can buy”. The contemporaneous demeanor of our representatives’ gives an excellent purview of excerpt of Mark. The speed with which world is expanding every hour is directly proportional to the shrinkage rate of our so called ‘beloved’ country in the map of world.
I hope the word beloved diverts your attention towards Pakistan and after reading the first line you should think of me a pessimist but the dilemma is, this fatalistic approach has become quotidian to such a level that I am 99% sure that our forth coming generations would be known for cynical behavior of their ancestors in the world.
We should not confined the term solipsism to our leaders only, 95% of citizens are following the coequal routes. Our education system which is now transformed into culprit system is prime example of fatalism. There are up to 203 universities currently running in Pakistan at present out of which 60 universities have been affiliated with out class foreign universities according to HEC.
Every year thousands of students achieve degrees from these institutes and still the recession of education is burgeoning day by day as outlanders are apprising us of our perplexity and destitution, endow us and substantiate our country as mendicants. Are they actually oppressed of our whereabouts? Well it is just a modified form of coercion.
Gordon Brown, former president of United Kingdom who recently notified us that we are lagging behind in education from the rest of world and announced 1 billion dollars (£600,000) for refinement of our education system; meanwhile our leaders were unanticipated of that tectonic fact.
Is Gordon Brown resides in Pakistan and our great leaders had been shifted to UK? I think Brown had inherited some genes from his progenitors who might belong to Pakistan which compelled and sent him to Pakistan for our help!!! Why our leader’s do not have such dominant alleles that woke them up from their deep dreams, open up their eyes, stab their backs, take them out of narcissism and make them aware of their responsibilities towards the procession and progression of this country?
Let’s presume that these alleles are recessive in our leaders, then why are we here for? What we as a ‘youth’ is doing for our country despite of demonstrating our selves as panhandlers, receiving aid from outlanders and exposing our worst face to world.
Why should we look at others for counseling and admonition when our great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah guided us and set an example which illustrates that if youth dragged out the nation from toughest time in 1947 than they can do anything they want to do. The only thing we have to do is to overcome the lackness of few traits; Veracity, Devotion, Patriotism and Abidingness.

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