Pakistan Army declared non-political organizations are welcome: Pasban

Sameer Nazir
Senior Vice President of Pasban e Pakistan Engineer Aftab Uddin Qureshi said that Pasban is welcome army spokesman statement that denies advised the prime minister to resign and backing Imran and Qadri. A statement issued by the Pasban Press Information Cell said Javed Hashmi of statement nation was worried, but the ISPR timely matter has been sufficiently cleaned.
He said that PTI and PAT over marches and sit-ins, some elements were consistent impression much of the NEXUS Imran Qadri, the army and the ISI.

The Pakistan Army is the most important national security institution and the heart of the nation is pounding with the Pak Army.

He added that the people want change, but change is definitely an extra-constitutional act should not go through and no change be made to change a face.

He said that real change will come when the people irrespective of education, health and justice services will be provided and poverty, inequality, discrimination and corruption will be eliminated.

Aftab Qureshi demanded that the federal government officially 6 September Defence Day celebrated with enthusiasm and a tribute to the martyrs of the Pakistan Army.

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