PAF aircraft lands in India for refueling

A Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aircraft, destined for Chittagong in Bangladesh, landed briefly in Indian city of Lucknow for refueling on Sunday afternoon, Indian media reported on Monday.

A spokesman for the PAF confirmed the landing, saying the plane was on a normal flight and did not make an emergency landing in India. He, however, added that the aircraft was en-route to Singapore rather than Chittagong.

According to a report quoting Indian military officials on Indiatoday, the plan with five military personnel on board had taken off from Rawalpindi and landed briefly at the Chowdhury Charan Singh Airport in Lucknow for refueling.

The officials added that the aircraft took off for its destination after about 50 minutes.

“There was no emergency. There was a Pakistani aircraft movement, that is PAAF-854 from Rawalpindi to Lucknow (which) landed at 1201 hours yesterday and departed for Chittagong at 1252 hours,” District Magistrate Rajshekhar said when asked about the landing.

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