One Bank Officer and Police Constable were killed

One Mobile Credit Officer (MCO) of Shikarpur Zarai Tarqiati Bank and One Police Constable of Dakhan police were killed in two different incidents of fairing on Tuesday morning in the jurisdictions of Gharhi Yasin and Lakhi Gate Shikarpur police stations.
According to details one MCO of Zarai Tariati Bank Shikarpur Waheed Ahmed Hajano was shot dead with TT Pistal fairs by the same bank employee Assistant Piyar Ali Buriro when the deceased Waheed ahmed was working in the office usually on Tuesday. The accused after fairing escaped away with TT Pistal.
The lakhi gate police rushed to the place of fairing in the bank and sent the dead body of the deceased to civil hospital Shikarpur for post marten and then body was handed over to his relatives.
The cause behind the murder could not be ascertained. The Police investigation into this incident was in progress.
Meanwhile the other incident of fairing was occurred near Garhi Yaseen on the Indus high way road on the same day morning in which same group of armed dacoits opened fairs on police mobile of Dakhan Police coming from Dakhan police station towards Garhi Yaseen town.
The SHO Dakhan police Noor Muhammad Jakhro was accompanied by his police constables was riding in his police mobile towards Garhi Yaseen to attend the meeting called by SSP Shikarpur Javeed Ahmed Jiskani there when the incident of fairing occurred.
The police followed the foot prints of the dacoits and conducted raids on various places in track of dacoits involved in fairing on police mobile. However no any arrest of the dacoits was reported till this news was flashed.

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