On The Campaign Trail: Raima & Riya to join mum Moon Moon

MUMBAI: For those who think actors and specially actresses are a pampered people used to a life of luxury, Moon Moon Sen’s election campaign trail is an eye-opener.

The actress who is the Trinamool Congress’ contestant for the forthcoming Lok Sabha Candidature has been campaigning round-the-clock for her constituency in Bankura.

And now Moon Moon Sen’s two daughters Raima and Riya are going to join their mother to campaign for her candidature.

Speaking from her sweltering electoral campaign-trail Moon Moon Sen says, `It a challenge for me. My waking hours and my routine have changed completely. It’s become a fight where I can’t let down my mother, my daughters or myself. I wish you could see how difficult this is for me. We actors are supposed to be entertainers. We’ve to ensure we entertain even while campaigning for elections because it’s essentially the same people who come to see me in both the cinema theatres and public rallies.I find myself addressing the same film and Jatra fans at my road shows. `
Moon Moon has also found a new fan-base. `A new section of supporters for me is the Adivasi community.I am very proud of the crowds who come to hear me. My party leaders are very surprised by the crowds that gather to hear me. I realize I belong to the film industry first, then to any political party. I hope my fan base translates into votes.`

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