Jam Jamali

Alas! Our glorious Gorakh hill
is deprived of development still,
its roads are rife with ruts,
it lacks in restaurants and huts.
Though it has no infrastructure,
yet it looks a wonder of nature,
there blows a breeze of rare air,
one sinks one’s crack and care,
in the season of hellish heat
and its inundating sweat.
It is so gowned in greenery,
It endows soul soothing scenery.
To the western side of Sindh it lies,
it is just an abandoned piece of paradise,
it keeps on crying for the uplift measures,
but its cry goes unheard for years.
May these words of worry
of authorities favour curry,
for development work to expedite
to make it such an attractive site,
that visitors may prefer it to Muree,
when sizzling summer shows its fury
for recreation and leisure
it be the best resort of pleasure,
and its people may earn money
to feed on milk and honey,
whom poverty has eternally scorched,
having haggard faces and lips parched!