OGRA letter to Petroleum & Natural resources ministry to import CNG to meet requirements: Malik

Staff Reporter
OGRA has accepted the concept of import of CNG in country after brief presentation by a Canadian Co. in collaboration with Pakistan told sources with reference of letter # CNG-18 (4)13-DG Gas vol-III.
According to Pakistan’s well known group of companies and Chairman CNG Station Owners Association of Pakistan Malik Khuda Bux, who confirmed the import of Compressed Natural Gas by a Canadian company in meeting with ORGRA authorities few months back, adding that the objectives to meet the challenges of shortages of Natural Gas in country and revival the economy is possible to cop various problems he said.
He further told that the suffering industries and failures of electricity load shedding and numerous challenges faced by nation would be end, if the CNG imported. He told as per demand and supply in order to proceed in the Compressed Natural Gas project, the federal government should encourage the objective and more economical than the LGN and LPG resources he told.
Malik ensured that Pakistan will be more prosperous and end all the crises after the import of compressed Natural Gas-CNG to meet all the requirements ahead of Pakistan and prosperity in future. He said the delegation meeting soon with federal Minister and other authorities to ensure the import of CNG in Pakistan.
He told the delegation had focused mainly over the technical and safety aspects of transportation capacity upto 200 CRPVS-35 mms by the carrier ships, which was possible if once the mechanism and policy issues resolved financially and technically by the Federal Government and Ministry of Petroleum and Natural resources.
It is also pertinent to be mentioned here that the OGRA meeting with Canadian company FTI and Pakistan delegation on 30th Jan, 2015 after presentation of the concept and rationale of the project is well accepted by the perspective and there is a wide gap between demand and supply of natural Gas at present in the country.

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