NPCC directed not to stop 650MW supply to K-Electric

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Water and Power has directed the National Power Control Centre (NPCC) not to suspend electricity supply to K-Electric following the power distributor’s 5-year agreement for 650 MW supply expired on January 25.

Along with the directive to not stop power supply to K-Electric, the Ministry of Water and Power told the NPCC to wait four-five days for a decision in this regard.

The directive from the Ministry to the NPCC was issued following a consultation with the Prime Minister.

According to sources, the matter of 650 MW electricity supply to K-Electric could be brought before the Council of Common Interest (CCI) and the Ministry of Water and Power could come up with new conditions for a fresh agreement with K-Electric.

It may be proposed in the new terms and conditions that the power supply be brought down from 650 MW to 300 MW to K-Electric. And it is possible that this reduced supply may be linked to K-Electric’s assurance to operate its power plants at 100 generation capacity.

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