SHIKARPUR: During the Police Operation Supervised by SSP Shikarpur Javeed Jiskani in Golo Daro Forest Area, the encounter was accrued between the Shikarpur Police and the dacoits in the jurisdiction of Dilawar Marfani Taluka Garhi Yaseen on Wednesday.

As a result of an encounter the notorious dacoit Manzoor alias Ghulam Nabi Narejo was killed. And  his a companion identified as Abdul Fatah Brohi was arrested when he was seriously injured . While the other dacoits managed good their escaped.

The deceased dacoit Manzoor Narejo was wanted to Police in about 22 heinous crimes committed by him in Shikarpur , Larkana and Khairpur Districts.

The Government of Sindh had announced Rupees 1.00 Million for his head money.

According to Police, deceased dacoit Manzoor Narejo was the main gangster of Notified dacoit Nazro Narejo.

Ten suspected villagers including Two Women were arrested by Police from the place of  encountering for further investigation.

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