North Waziristan Isolated, troops deployed along border

RAWALPINDI: Pakistani ground troops have surrounded the North Waziristan Agency isolating it from neighbouring agencies and FATA to block any movement of terrorists, according to the ISPR.

The ISPR further adds, that troops have moved and cordoned off all terrorists bases, including Mirali and Miranshah.

Internally Displaced
Following the launch of the Army operation Zarb-e-Azb, a large number of internally displaced people will require shelter and evacuation. According to the ISPR announcements will be made for local population to approach designated areas for their orderly and dignified evacuation out of the Agency. Further adding that, necessary logistics and administrative arrangements for IDPs have been made by the Political Adminstration and Disaster Management Agency. Registration points and IDP camps have been made and will be announced by the Civil Administration.

The ISPR further adds that surrender points have also been made for those militants who choose to quit violence and give up their arms. Meanwhile aerial surveilance of the area is being carried out by own aerial surveillance platforms.

Across the border
Afghan security forces including the Afghan National Army and the Afghan Border Police have also been requested to seal the border on their side to facilitate elimination of terrorists who attempt to escape across the border. They have also been requested to initiate immediate measures to eliminate TTP terrorists and their sanctuaries in Kunar, Nuristan and other areas of Afghanistan, the statement added.

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