No new taxes in KMC’s budget for 2015-16

KARACHI: KMC Administrator Saqib Ahmed Soomro, exercising powers of KMC Council approved Rs 33,682.442 million budget of KMC for financial year 2015-16 without levying new taxes on Friday.
This is Rs 166.077 million more than the previous year’s annual budget. During the next year expected revenue estimates at Rs 33,849.992 million and expenditures estimates at Rs 33, 682.442 million with a surplus of Rs 167.550 million, said a statement.
The receipts portion showing current receipts of Rs 21, 727.729 million and capital receipts of Rs 5,801.467 million whereas Rs 6, 320.796 million funds for provincial & district ADP expected to be
received in the next year.
A sum of Rs14, 237.591million has been earmarked for development projects during next financial year whereas the establishment expenditures estimates at Rs 14,146.590 million, contingent Rs 2,820.735 million and repair & maintenance Rs 427.526 million with Rs 2,050 million as the share of DMCs.
The KMC will initiate work on more than 100 development schemes with its own resources and the Provincial & District ADP funds which include 37 major projects along with the ongoing projects which will
also be completed in this year.
Administrator Saqib Ahmed Soomro signed the resolution for approval of the budget of KMC for next fiscal year while exercising powers of council in the presence of Metropolitan Commissioner Samiuddin Siddiqui, Financial Advisor Afaq Saeed and others.
Speaking on the occasion, Saqib Soomro said that KMC has limited resources. Before the city government came into being it had 11 thousand employees in 2001 and when KMC was restored after dissolution of city government the total number of its employees had crossed 32 thousand mark. Though KMC got its resources restored which it had in 2001, its expenditures increased many times, he said.
Due to this situation KMC was unable to start development activities with its own resources and to even pay for salaries and pensions of its staff which is more than a billion rupees each month, he added. He said that other essential heads including payment for feed of captives at zoological garden and safari park, expenditures incurred on providing health and medical facilities at KMC hospitals, payment of fuel charges and other official expenditures along with an amount payable to contractors of Rs 2.5billion.
He said that it was not easy to prepare the budget in such conditions, however we have tried to give a balanced budget with no new tax on citizens for which, he is thankful to the Sindh Government which provides all possible support and financial help to KMC.
The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has planned more than 100 development projects in various areas of the city during next financial year for which it has earmarked a sum of Rs 14,237.591 million including Rs 6,475.028 for engineering department. Major projects include construction of commercial parking plaza at Shahabuddin Market at Rs 350 million, construction of Zulfiqarabad Oil tankers Parking Terminal with Rs 300 million, installation of wireless video surveillance system with Rs269 million. Construction of boundary wall around city graveyards with Rs 250 million, development works in Orangi Cottage Industrial Zone with Rs 250 million, addition of cardiac emergency centre in KMC hospital in Shah Faisal Town at Rs 208.697 million.
Construction and rehabilitation works of dispensaries, hospitals and MCH Centers at Rs 189.808 million, construction and rehabilitation of Shara-e-Noorjehan at Rs 157.340 million, improvement of flyover, bridges and underpasses Rs 100 million, purchase of animals and birds for Safari and Zoo at Rs 55 million and construction of parking plaza in block-7,Clifton at Rs 50 million.
Sr. Director Municipal Services Masood Alam, Director General Technical Services Niaz Ahmed Soomro, Sr. Director HRM Shoaib Waqar, Sr. Director Finance Munawwar Imam, Sr. Director Health & Medical Services Dr. Salma Kausar,Director Budget Mehmood Baig, Director Council Ghufran Ahmed, Director Media Management Bashir Saddozai and other officers were also present.