Nine more infants die at Thar within two days due to malnutrition

MITHI: Nine more babies died of malnutrition and diseases at Civil Hospital Mithi during past two days raising the toll to 329 this year according to the officials of the health department. Those died included infants of Kanji Bheel, Badal, Ramesh Kumar, Werso Mal and two months Atim, Parvati of three months, Bhojo of one month and Sarmad of one month.
According to the unofficial reports so far over 463 kids have lost their lives in Thar due to the outbreak of the diseases and malnutrition. While, the unpaid 598 workers of the health department continued their protest against the non-payment of their salaries for 14 months.
Dr Shaikh Tanweer Ahmed , the CEO of Health and Nutrition Development Society ( Hands), an organization which has been working in the area for past many years on nutrition and health issues observed that situations in the villages from where kids are brought in the hospitals covering the distances hundreds of kilometers was still the same no improvement was brought at grass root level to stem the rot.” Non-payment of the salaries to nearly 500 health workers, unavailability of the doctors, lack of other facilities in the far flung areas are among the main factors behind unabated deaths of infants and minors” he added and urged the government to step up to revamp the whole structure to avoid further deaths.

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