Next plan is ready, if govt don’t come on negotiation: Imran Kahan

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf “PTI” Chairman Imran Khan said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would not be able to run his government if he did not carry out accountability of rigging in the last parliamentary elections.
“Mian sb, you have two options. Either set up a judicial commission or it will become difficult for you to run the government smoothly,” Khan said while addressing a massive gathering of supporters at Charing Cross in Lahore at the end of his party’s protest sit-ins.
“My next plan is ready if Nawaz Sharif doesn’t come on the negotiating table,” he threatened. He said that PTI was not ready to accept rigged elections.
He pledged that he would bring back the looted money while demanding that Rana Sanaullah be sent to jail over murder of PTI worker Haq Nawaz.
Khan said that his party had staged a historic sit-in for 124 days for justice. “Lahore has given its verdict that May 2013 elections were rigged,” he said.
The PTI chief said he only wants to see free and fair elections in the country.
“I also thank traders, transport operators, lawyers, women and people of Lahore for observing a complete strike in Lahore,” he said.
He also urged his supporters not to harass media teams and women supporters.

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