New Job Hunting Website Launched in Pakistan


The 53.72 million labour force of Pakistan is enveloped in a perpetual haze when it comes to their jobs and stranded careers. It has always been a matter of grave concern in Pakistani society that the job market is shrinking with every passing day. Where we have the numbers in terms of candidates, we lack the quality. Inept and incompetent candidates are hired as a result of poor education system who bring down the quality of work that an industry is producing.

A Glance on Insufficient Professional Grooming

It is, without a doubt, a legit matter of concern that there are minimal to no jobs in the market but the story does not end here. The problem goes way back to our system which is providing education to our future professionals. Our graduates who are just stepping into the professional life, are not trained at all. Academia does teach them the theoretical framework regarding a certain field but it does not prepare them for the challenges of professional life. There are no courses or training programs that can help them build those strengths which are a necessary requirement of professional life. It can be observed that educational systems abroad offer such courses which groom the students for a variety of professions. These courses often include the beginner’s level professional training such as resume building and interview preparation.

Moreover, career services based within the universities offer workshops and tutorials for the purpose of a job hunt, professional networking, and recruitment processes. In this manner, when a university graduate goes into the professional world, he is not clueless regarding how to go about entry-level steps (resume, interviews etc.) of his career. This type of preliminary training for professional life is absent in most of the institutions in Pakistan. Certain private sector universities offer these services but not everybody in the market has the privilege to study there.

Mass Departure

Owing to the unavailability of jobs, a lot of fresh graduates tend to move abroad. Hence, the job industry loses its topmost talent. The candidates who are left behind and do not have the resources to move are faced with underpaid jobs. These underpaid jobs are discouraging for the employees and in the long run, affect the growth rate of a company.

These are a number of challenges that need to be overcome if the industry in Pakistan expects to thrive in the near future.

Challenges to the Recruitment

In the middle of this chaos, the recruitment process for the public and private enterprises becomes difficult. Companies have to recruit from a very small pool of candidates who are educated as well as trained. Lately, the trend of online job portals has made the recruitment process much easier and accessible for a layman. Careerz360 is one of these platforms where experienced as well as fresh candidates can sign up to find the right jobs for themselves. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to the professionals to connect with other professionals, creating better job circumstances for the applicants.

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