Never demanded any position in PTI, says Mazari

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Spokesperson Dr Shireen Mazari on Tuesday said she never demanded any position in the party from PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

According to a statement issued here, she said, “I neither joined PTI for any position nor do I need any slot in the party now.”

Mazari asked the senior politician, Javed Hashmi, who quit PTI over differences with Imran Khan, to ‘stop lying’, saying that Hashmi was part of every decision of the party.

She called upon the former PTI president to talk on principles instead of indulging in ‘lies’.

“PTI is the only party in which the elections were conducted at the grass-root level”, Dr Mazari claimed and added that “unlike other parties, PTI doesn’t believe in hereditary politics.”