THE HUMAN PROBLEM: Series letters to Scientists by Allama Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi…. (Topics series)

A general review of the above observation about Knowledge and Evolution brings down to the following facts.

The present Knowledge of Man of lifeless matter, resulting in machines and engines, cannot transport man to astronomical distances for the purpose of Conquest of the Universe.

Knowledge being inextricably connected with creative power, much higher, more natural and more efficient creative power than that resulting in the invention of present machines is necessary to make Nan possessor of that intensive knowledge which can be prelude to the Conquest of Nature. This would necessitate, in the first place, knowledge of Natural Units of calculation and measurement, also knowledge of the Mystery of the life. Mystery of life cannot be solved by the simple mechanics of the microscope or by chemical experiments on protoplasm. Life is a phenomenon not only of movement, but also of movements with a “will” and a “plan” and so is all growth and development. To make life the subject of investigation cannot therefore, be the task of mechanical instruments alone. To understand the “will” that produced the urge of life, that produced the urge of life, that UNITS OF ELEMENTARY LIFE shall have to be completely understood in its working which produced the first motion from dead matter and thereafter scanning will have to done as to how many units there are in a particular case of life. This cannot be the work of Scientist who has been successful in creating life. Man so far has avoided the subject of study of life, as life (unlike the lifeless matter) refuses to subject itself his geometry and mathematics. He must therefore start a new line of thought.

Investigation into the Mystery of life alone can chalk out a new channel of knowledge for Man, which must be more “Natural” more informative also powerful and more evolutional for the Conquest of the Nature than the present mechanical knowledge. Such a course will take Man to the “realm of the sprit,” away from the present mechanical “formulae” and “equations” and must in the course of time, open up the new ways of obtaining transporting power of astronomical order from the LIVING Nature. Circumstances obtaining in the celestial bodies being such as a preclude the possibility of making a conquest of them with his present physical organs, Man shall have to go deeper into the Problem of the life to discover how such a life can transport itself to astronomical distances in the twinkling of and eye. If knowledge of dead matter has given Man such powerful transporting machines as run hundreds of miles as hour against his legs, there is no reason why Knowledge of life should not equip him with incredibly more powerful instruments of transport for the purpose of the Conquest o Nature.

Knowledge of life alone can show Man the way to evolve himself to higher “spiritual” forms of life akin to that of the Supreme Intelligence that pervades the Universe. Man unacquainted with the mystery of life and unable to create it cannot hope to claim any power of substantial and extraordinary nature in this Universe. The Conquest of Nature presumes that Man should become “Omnipresent” and this in turn necessitate that he should possess the attribute of OMNISCIENCE, par excellence. Ignorance about life would create a lacuna in human brain unworthy of his lofty position. Nature itself would refuses to be conquered by an agency having this shameful desideratum.

Omniscience and Omnipresence having become more or less the attributes of the evolving Nab after a time, it is evident that at that stage of development Man shall have reached the highest pinnacle of his progress by dint of his exclusive colossal efforts as a species. He would have left this Earth by that time, many long centuries back to accommodate himself permanently in the celestial bodies of his progeny would have captured and possessed perhaps every nook and the corner of the Universe through intensive multiplicity and overwhelming dissemination. The race of “sluggards” on Earth who not kept pace with him in his march upward, many centuries back, would still be lingering on it as ordinary men doing their lowly duties, but entirely cut off-as a fish from horse- from the new race of Universe-Conquerors above.

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