Nationalist parties’ workers stage protest and demo at National Highway way against influx of IDPs

Mansoor Pirzada
Hundreds of workers of nationalist parties held a protest demonstration and a sit-in on the National Highway at Dera Mor Kashmore and Ubauro near Sindh-Punjab border on Wednesday against the entry of internally displaced persons (IDPs) into Sindh. The protest commenced at 9:00a.m and reported continued till the filing of this news.
The convener of Sindh Bachayo Committee Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah, and other nationalist Niaz Kalani Vice Chairman Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mehaz, Dr. Dodo Maheri, Shafiq Karnani, Karam Wasan, Mir Alam Mari, Fatah Channa, Khan Muhammad Bhayo and others demanded of the government to stop influx of IDPs, they shouted slogans and condemned the act of government. They further said that Sindh’s resources were already overstretched, IDPs would further burden the resources and the influx of current IDPs is an open invitation to terrorist to Sindh.
The first phase of demonstrations will be ended at July 15, demonstrating across different cities of Sindh, while a meeting of Sindh Bachayo Committee will announce the date for next phase of demonstrations.
Traffic between Sindh and Punjab badly affected and hundreds of vehicles were stranded on both sides of the highway, while after the request of administration a single track going from Sindh to Punjab was opened.
A large number of policemen were deployed at the highway to prevent any untoward incident but the protestors remained peaceful throughout and dispersed after registering their protest.

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