NAB demands probe in ADP schemes

Imtiaz Gorar
National Accountability Bureau (NAB) should investigate heavy misuse of funds worth around Rs. 1000 million in Hyderabad drainage division irrigation department sources disclosed.
According to details, Larkana-Shikarpur drainage division have been found about Rs. 378.211 heavy corruption in the different constructions of drainage reclamation, old and new Tube wells etc at various locations.
The reports revealed that there is no proper utilization of funds by the Larkana-Shikarpur drainage division department XEN, which he was a non technical and sub-engineer, but for a long continuously serving on the same cadre and other violations in the SCARP drainage division and never transferred that’s why he take care of the demands, requirements and extortion money to the authorities and politicians.
There are numerous schemes of valued solar energy tube wells and other machinery parts destroyed at different workshops and rented shops.
Similarly, as according to release of funds by the finance department governments of Sindh have also identified Annual Development Schemes (ADP) Scheme Nos. 956, 958, 970, 977, 981, 989 and 1001 could not be completed under the required criteria and several schmes found ghost at various locations.
When inquired about billions of ADP schemes from Hyderabad Chief Engineer Dhanoomal and Larkana-Shikarpur drainage division department Ghafoor Soomro they were enraged over the questions and did not satisfied and excused that whatever the result.
It is also pertinent to be mentioned here that under the ADP various ongoing and new schemes included Tube wells, extension of drain, sub-drain, surface drainage schmes, pumping stations, Sim Nalas, bridges, borings and installation of about 500 tube wells, retaining walls, repair and rehabilitations, earth work etc were carried out in the different parts of districts in Larkana, Qamber-Shahdadkot, Shikarpur, Khairpur and other parts of Hyderabad region.
There are millions of fund misused in drainage division irrigation wing at Hyderabad, Sukkur and Larkana divisions during 2013-14 and till 2015.
A large number of ghost schemes of hundred and thousands of million rupees have been witnessed in all parts of Sindh districts.
The Chief Engineer in Hyderabad and his all XENs proved inefficient to apply proper utilization of funds in province but heavy corruption witnessed overall, there is nowhere about expenditures in the irrigation drainage division department Sindh during 2013-14 upto May 2015.
There is proof of heavy misappropriation in several ghost schemes are witnessed when a survey conducted by investigative authorities in whole the parts of province out of total Rs.8353.505 new schemes have also been launched sources disclosed.


A large number activists of Jeay Sindh Mahaz (JSM) took out a protest rally from Shaheed Qayyum Mangi Chowk which marched various roads reached at Press Club Shikarpur and staged a protest against killing of Ismaili community persons on Sunday morning.

Rally was led by central leader of Jeay Sindh Mahaz (JSM) Imran Mangi, Asadullah Soomro, Dr Altaf Memon, District President Abdul Ghaffar, Meer Nabi Bux Khan Phulpoto, Rais Ali Hassan Khan Malano.

Addressing on the occasion leaders have said that on the responding call of Jeay Sind Mahaz (JSM) Chairman Riaz Ali Chandio, we are staging a protest across Sindh against the killing of innocent persons of Ismaili community which is peaceful community and we are strongly condemned such incident of brutal killing of Ismaili community persons occurred at Safoora chowrangi Karachi.

On the occasion JSM activists including Shakeel Noonari, Amjad Malano, Sanaullah Jaffari, Raja Bhutto and others chanting slogans against terrorism and demanded from the government that should give exemplary punishment to killers.