Muslim Fashion

Ifla Zafar

The world of fashion constantly witnesses something new from time to time. A new term has been coined in the history of fashion, and from the looks of it, it is here to stay! The term is Muslim fashion. Islamic revivalist movement insisted its men and women to dress modestly and religiously. But during the 1980s and 1990s, as the movement started getting heterogeneous, the covered styles of dressing began to transform into more fashionable styles.

This led to the coinage of a new term – Islamic or Muslim fashion in the global fashion industry. Turkey was one of the first to enter this market. During the 1990s, fashion shows displaying this trend started getting popular all over the world (instead of being limited to a few Asian countries), and today this concept is acknowledged all over the world. It is a fusion of faith and fashion.

What do we mean when we say the word ‘fashion’? We generally mean it as wearing trendy clothes and being up-to-date in respect of costumes. So, by and large most of us relate ‘fashion’ with clothing and one’s appearance. Most of us in fact don’t know what fashion in real terms mean and how much broader areas it covers beyond what we think it is. According to Oxford Dictionary the word ‘fashion’ means make, style, shape, pattern, and manner, whatever is in usage for a time being AGREEING OR NOT WITH CURRENT USAGE.

Most of us take the meaning of fashion as a trend which is IN now-a-days but unfortunately the concept is incorrect. First of all there is a need to redefine the term ‘fashion’. Fashion is not restricted to one area of life i.e. costume or appearance but it has a very wide applicability in almost every field of life like architecture, arts, dance, style of speech, economic trends, management, politics, medical etc. so, we can easily say that fashion are social phenomena common to many fields of human activity and thinking or in other words we can define it as styles and customs prevalent at a given time (not current time).

So, by the above discussion, it is clear what fashion in real terms mean. Now, coming on the particular field of fashion ‘the costume and appearance’ of a person. This is the most criticized field everywhere in relation to religion especially Islamic ideologies. The appearance of both men and women is questionable. The main point is to see both, the fashion and Islamic teachings, from one angle.

Fashion in real meanings is not to wear trendy, expensive and attractive clothes. Fashion is a style, it’s a make, and it’s an appearance. So, what so ever one is wearing must suit him. Fashion is not to wear what others wear. Just the theme is to wear anything that perfectly suits and match the personality of the wearer. Take fashion from this angle and relate it with Islamic ideologies. Islam does not restrict anyone to wear good clothes. What it restricts, is not to wear such clothes that do not cover the body in a decent way. If we think positively, we all know that such small and so called trendy clothes infact not suit anyone but is a symbol to make oneself different in mob. The reason to wear stupid clothes like baggies and small t-shirts is just to make one different, just to satisfy one own self that everyone is looking at him regardless of the remarks that are being passed on him. If one wears decent clothes, Islam does not stop him on doing this. Demand of Islam is not to wear clumsy clothes but if we study, we will come to know that Islam is very strict for cleanliness especially in clothing.

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