Munawar Zareef: A legend is remembered

Lahore: The 36th death anniversary of Munawar Zarif, renowned actor and one of the finest comedians of the subcontinent ever produced, is being observed today.
Pakistani comedy King Munawar Zarif died 37 years ago but his fans still remember and love him a lot. Munawar Zarif stepped into Pakistan film industry in 1961 and ruled over it as comedian hero for next 16 years. He performed in over 300 hundred movies during these years.
Zarif was a famous icon of Pakistani cinema in the seventies. He worked in over 300 films and is regarded as an outstanding actor for many things, one being his out-of-script dialogue delivery.

Born in Gujranwala (a city in Punjab province of Pakistan) on February 2, 1940, the legend started his career in 1961 from a Punjabi film ‘Dandian’, but achieved a breakthrough in 1964 from the movie ‘Hath Jori’.

Fans used to love his performance and spontaneous comic dialogues in the movie and this is why Munawar Zarfi’s name was considered a key for making any movie hit. Munawar Zarif was a famous Pakistani comedian and film actor. He was a versatile actor and comedian best known for his work in the Pakistani cinema of the 70s.

He is widely regarded as one of the finest comedians subcontinent ever produced and appeared in more than 300 films. After a marvelous film career as a top comedian‚ he became film hero — first as side-hero in film `Pardey mein rehney doe’ and then in the title roles and hero in the same year `Banarsi Thugg’ (1973) and `Jeera Blade’ (1973). He appeared in more than 300 films in just 16 years from 1961-76. He was also famous for his out of script dialogue delivery.

His all movies were liked and appreciated by the moviegoers but few turned into evergreen films and amongst those are included Naukar Wohti Da, Banarsi Thug, Khushia, Jeera Blade, and Patey Khan. Having enjoyed 16-year awe-inspiring career, Zarif died on April 27, 1976 of a heart attack in Lahore.

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