MQM Chief Pir Altaf Hussain is a British citizen, he should not interfere the matters of our motherland

Imtiaz Gorar
PML-N leader Sardar Mumtaz Ali Bhutto has said on Thursday that MQM Chief Pir Altaf Hussain is a British citizen, who left motherland 24 years back, he has no right to interfere in the national affairs of Pakistan.
Mumtaz Bhutto in a press statement, said that central government should protest at British government on interfering of MQM Chief Altaf Hussain national affairs of Pakistan, added that if any attempt was made for division of Sindh, strong protest movement will be launched for its freedom.
He said that during the establishment of Pakistan, founders of country while inviting the different states of India for joining the new country, in the resolution of 1940 had promised to make all states and its areas autonomous and sovereign, but after the formation of country, they deviated from their promises, resulted in separation of East Pakistan after fighting war, whereas still several states among Sindh are stranded, Sindh province has born more loss than others.
Mumtaz Bhutto stated that conspiracies are being hatched to divide the mother land, people of Sindh will have to play constructive role to safeguard the Sindh soil otherwise sons of soil will face slavery life.

Khuhrro visits sensitive embankments of River Indus @ Akil Aghani

Imtiaz Gorar
Senior Minister for Education Nisar Ahmed Khuhro on Wednesday visited the sensitive embankment of River Indus Akil Aghani loop bund and reviewed the arrangements made by Irrigation department for upcoming flood.
Talking to the media men provincial Minister Nisar Ahmed Khuhro said that all required arrangements have been made to deal with forthcoming flood water, added that 6 to 7 lac cusec water will cross from vulnerable dykes of River Indus including Ruk bund, Nusrat loop bund, Akil Aghani loop Bund and others at Larkana.
He said that all embankments are intact, 22 lac cubic feet reserved stones are available on banks of sensitive dykes among Akil Aghani 11 lac, 450,000 stone stock at Nusrat loop bund and 6 lac Ruk bund for utilizing during emergency, besides, machineries have been moved at vulnerable dykes, there is no threat to embankments, he said.
Mr Khuhro further said that during the past supper flood more than 1250,000 cusec water had passed, now only its fifty percent water is to cross, concerned officials are high alert to monitor the activities, added that PPP government had made the financial assistance to flood victims and provided Rs 20,000 each to flood affected people, now present government will utilize its all resources to support the maroon people.
Nisar Khuhro said that flood relief camps will not be established in government schools in flood hit areas, because during last flood, school children had to suffer owing establishment of relief camps inside the government schools.
To question about the teachers issues, he said that one of officer in education department in Karachi disclosed that 200 teachers were given joining on place of 36 vacant posts in certain school by him on the directives of higher authority; no salaries of such teachers have been stopped; now matter is subjudice.
Nisar Khuhro replying another question regarding the Islamabad sit in, he said that protestors of Azadi march and Inqlaab march are talking about the sabotaging the constitution, Allama Tahir ul Qadri has announced to form 35 provinces in country, he should know that new provinces could not only be made without constitutional approval, alleged that Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri are raising voice against the democracy, they are foes of masses and do not want the democracy to be flourished in country, added that in past dictators suspended the constitution, but could not wipe out it, PPP government not only has restored the constitution of 1973 in its original shape.

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