Most Pakistanis from Sana’a safe, 150 to 200 still trapped in Aden: FO

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesperson Tasneem Aslam on Sunday said due to the ongoing conflict in the city of Aden in Yemen, the airport is not accessible to rescue the 150 to 200 stranded Pakistanis from there.

She went on to say that the trapped Pakistanis will travel from Aden for Al-Mukalla by road where an airplane will reach on March 31 to bring them back to Pakistan.

Spokeswoman Aslam further said a Pakistani naval ship was also on its way to Aden.

She also said that the Pakistan FO is contacting Chinese officials there to seek their help in the evacuation of Pakistanis.

Aslam went on to say that the city of Al-Mukalla is peaceful and after confirming the exact number who want to be evacuated, they will either be flown from the nearby airport Riyan or the alternate Al Ghaidah.

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