More than 200 million of corruption disclosed in Badin district: NAB

BADIN: Corruption in various development schemes in Badin district disclosed and NAB asked to authorities to submit record of all approved and completed development schemes in district Badin.
According to a report, more than 200 million rupees embezzlement occurred in royalty amount which was receiving each year in account of oil and gas production in district Badin. NAB initiated the inquiry against the received development schemes amount in district Badin. In this connection, Town Committee officer Talhar town has been arrested earlier.
Sources from Works and Services Department told that royalty which is being received from National and International companies in account of oil and gas production which becomes amount of more than hundreds million including royalty and production bonus yearly which would be deposited in account of Deputy Commissioner Badin and under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner this amount would be consumed in various public prior development schemes.
After complains by citizen of Badin against corruption in development schemes in district Badin, NAB initiated inquiry. Source told that Some officers of Works and Services Department have been called to Karachi for inquiry by NAB and they were ordered to submit details of development schemes which were completed by utilizing amount of royalty and oil production in district Badin also details of the scheme recommenders. Officers of mentioned department requested to NAB for some time to submit these details of schemes.
NAB authorities ordered the authorities of mentioned department to submit these details with all related record and details by January 12, 2015including the tenders and news papers and the lists of contractors who have awarded the contracts of such schemes.
Source told that more than amount of 200 million shown to consume on various development schemes in district Badin which are not existed in real. The schemes of sport complex, Badin beautification schemes and others which have completed by a company UTP and which have handed over unlawfully to administration of Gym Khana but in the record of Govt, in recent amount of hundred million shown to consume on its maintenance.
Other hand, it came into knowledge through source that record of the amount of royalty and oil production is not available in the DC office. After initiation of the inquiry by NAB various officers in district Badin are displeased and discontented and striving for their transfers.
Other hand after the inquiry by NAB against the corruption in Town Committee Talhar (TMA) from year 2010 to 2013, Mr. Iftikhar Shaikh, district Badin, audit officer, who was found perpetrator of corruption, more than 16 crores, has been arrested when 03 ex-TMOs of town committee Talhar including 02 schemes contractors are already arrested by NAB and some others officers arrestment is also expected in the future.

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