Moin should be punished for casino visit: Religious Affairs Minister

GUJRANWALA: Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, Sardar Muhammad Yousaf said on Monday that Pakistan’s Chief Selector should be punished for visiting a casino during the ongoing World Cup.

“Gambling is haram and any Muslim taking part in this should be punished,” Yousaf told reporters.
Moin Khan had visited the casino prior to the Pakistan cricket team’s Pool B match against the West Indies which they lost by 150 runs. He was called back from the World Cup after the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) summoned a clarification.

Upon his return to Pakistan, Moin clarified his visit to PCB Chairman Shahryar Khan stating that he had gone to the casino in Christchurch for dinner with family and friends and not for the purpose of gambling. Moin Khan apologised after his actions offended many in Pakistan.
PCB Chairman Khan said the matter of Moin Khan visiting the casino had been closed following the apology.

“He has admitted his fault. It was inappropriate for him to have dinner at the casino,” Shaharyar Khan said. “The matter is now closed.”
The chairman went on to say that Moin would continue his role as chief selector and not go back to Australia.

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