Modi calls Pakistan to create atmosphere for bilateral serious talks

UNITED NATIONS: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi while speaking at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Saturday expressed his country’s willingness to hold bilateral talks with Pakistan, but “without a shadow of terrorism.”
Speaking to the UN General Assembly Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi said it was up to Pakistan to create the right atmosphere and come forward for bilateral talks.
PM of India Narendra Modi while addressing United Nations General Assembly meeting said, Today the flags of 193 nations were waving at the UN building.
“We have achieved a lot in the last” he said. As the Prime Minister of India, “I am addressing for the first time in United Nations general assembly.
Terrorism is appearing in new forms and no nation is free from it, he said.
“Why is it that despite having a wonderful platform like UN we have had to have the various platforms” Modia asked.
Every nation has their own philosophy. “I am not talking about ideology, this philosophy guides the nation. Modi said.
Giving examples of Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan and other nations, he talked about the importance of democracy.
Our future is linked very closely with our neighbors. That is why from first day we extended hand of friendship to our neighbors, Indian Prime Minister said.
He said that Pakistan must show more ‘seriousness’ and must create an “appropriate environment” for holding peace dialogue with their South Asian neighbours.
Modi was making his first speech to the UN General Assembly since taking power in May.
Modi invited his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif to his inauguration but India in August withdrew from planned talks between their foreign secretaries as Pakistan wanted to consult first with separatists in the disputed region of Kashmir.
In his UN address Friday, Nawaz criticised India’s withdrawal from the talks as a “missed opportunity.”
India and Pakistan have fought two of their three wars over the divided Himalayan region of Kashmir since independence in 1947.

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