Message of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Patron-in-Chief, Pakistan Peoples Party on International Youth Day August 12, 2014

International Youth Day has a special importance in Pakistan as it HAS ONE OF THE largest proportion of youth population IN THE WORLD. As the world observes the International Youth Day on August 12, 2014, I AM VERY MINDFUL OF THE FACT THAT we URGENTLY need to inject RESOURCES FOR better education and health FOR OUR youth population.
Pakistan Peoples Party has assigned great importance to the youth since its inception and continues to absorb youth activists into the political mainstream.
It was Prime Minister Shaheed Moharma Benazir Bhutto who laid the foundation of Ministry of Youth Affairs on June 12, 1989 for the first time in Pakistan which shows her interest in harnessing the youth POTENTIAL for nation’s progress.
To achieve her mission, the Peoples government in Sindh launched Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Programme BBSYDP in 2008, which speaks OF the level of priority that the Party has extended to Youth Development. With a vision to build the nation by establishing sustainable employment for unemployed youth and addressing poverty through skills development, this programme has attained international recognition whereby over 200,000 youths, including 40,000 women in Sindh were trained in 389 trades and vocations so far. Training is provided free of cost; besides, the trainees are being GIVEN stipends also. The success of BBSYDP led to development of interest in some foreign governments to adopt this model in for their youth. Whereas a survey by International Labour Organization (ILO) pointed out that 40% of the youth who got training under BBSYDP secured employment opportunities.
Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto adored the youth generation saying, “I am terribly fond of this generation. I can never forget that youth and students of Pakistan gave me unanimous support and rallied around me,” when he launched the struggle for a democratic Pakistan.
Youth wields important position in Pakistan Peoples Party and Inshallah will play key role in nation-building in the future. As a nation of Youth, Pakistan is going to record great achievements in the world in THE near future as we have COMMITTED TO DEVELOP THE potential of every youNG PERSON of the country BY GIVING THEM BETTER OPPORTUNITIES FOR THEIR FUTURE; THIS YOUTH COHORT SHOULD BECOME THE MAIN FORCE FOR promotING peace, national cohesion, prosperity and uplift in our society.
I am firmly optimistic about the future of the role of Youth and commend their quest for the best in their respective career.
Let us all join hands and give our youth what they deserve and yearn for to become a model Muslim nation on the world’s map

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