Media queries over failures of Polio campaign in Pakistan

Health Department failed to minimize wide gap between media over sham polio vaccine

— Serum derivative from Hallal or Harram, creates more dispute among the media and health authorities

Nazir Siyal
A wide gap swallowed-up as health authorities could not satisfy media-men over polio vaccine authenticity and Several queries over the failures of Polio campaign after briefing about ratio of 1.7 refusals all over country in a massive press conference by the federal and provincial top health authorities here on Friday.
Federal and provincial Ministers and top bureaucrats among Federal State Minister Health Naila Afzal, Provincial Health Minister Jaam Mehtab Dahar, Coordinator to Sindh Polio program in health department, Commissioner Karachi and other top authorities of Health along with polio team left-over ongoing press conference without satisfying media persons, while asked about failures and by 1.7 ratio of increasing the numbers of refusals all over country.
Federal State Minister in her own answer after Serum derivative from Hallal or Harram creates more dispute among the media and health authorities.
While, to a particular question about polio vaccine made up, developed or derivative from hettrologas serum (Animals) or human serum and what authenticity is, either from pig serum or other Harram and Hallal etc.
Federal and provincial authorities avoid media over factual issues continuously and asked for next week sitting on this technical issue. Health professional avoid and said the meeting on next week about the issue discussion.
The media dispute flare up and all amazed on disclosure about truth of polio vaccine and further denial of health authorities arose more widened the gap on the occasion.
Earlier, Federal State Minister Health Naila Afzal and Begum Shehnaz Wazir Ali Coordinator Polio program in Sindh told that the efforts of Pakistan to eradicate polio is not satisfactory as yet, the country still suffering at the 6th number in the polio cases.
They said we need to combat against it and play our pivotal role, so that the media should play its part both the ladies told.

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