HYDERABAD: South Asia Partnership Pakistan has organized Follow up of Media Consultation at Regent Plaza Karachi on 18 June 2014. The main objectives of Follow up meeting are to consult the electronic a print media of Karachi about establishment of minority rights Commission and protection of religious minorities in Sindh.

To increase the protection and promotion of rights of expression, assembly, association and thought and increase advocacy and lobbying for the establishment of Minority Rights Commissions at Provincial level.

The Meetings was attended by Shahnaz Sheedi Provincial coordinator, Irshad Junejo SAP Pk, Dr Jaipal Chabria HRCP, Shahid Jameel Sap PK, M Ali Rasheed Kawish, Zulfiqar Ali Rajapar, Free lanacer , Zafar Khan Daliy Balochsiatbn Express , Smaeer Mandhro Daily Tribune , M Ali Nukaraj Awami awaz , Dastar Kumar Jeejal  and others .

On this occasion Ms Shahnaz Sheedi provincial coordinator of SAP Pakistan briefly presented the SAP intervention for promotion and protection of religious minorities in Sindh.

She said that religious minorities are threatened on basis of discrimination and political parties manifesto does not protect the rights of religious minorities.

SAP has designed collective strategy with support of Media, CSO, Political parties for promotion of Rights of Expression, Association, assembly and Thoughts (REAT).

She further added that SAP is struggling for promote religious harmony and ensure the freedom of religious, freedom of expression and thoughts in different communication Channels. Religious minorities’ protection and security is responsibility of state she added.

Dr. Japial Chabria said that minorities are contributing in GDP and paying all tax of citizenship. He said that Qaud Azam Muhammad Jinnah Speech on 11 August 1947 said that you are free to go mosque, Madir and Church for pray and your free to say everything.

He added that Hindus has contributed in formation of Pakistan. National anthem is written by Hindu Man. He said that a Minorities right Commission is good initiatives and should support the media and highlights.

Irshad Junejo Porgramme officer SAP Pakistan said that SAP is intervening for promotion and protection of Rights of Expression, association assembly and thoughts (REAT) in Pakistan which have provisions for religious minorities in Pakistan.

Pakistan has ratified on 10 June 2010 but still not made any legislation. Sameer Mandhro Muhammad Ali Nukrij , Ramzan Chandio , Shahid Jameel , Zulfiqar Ali and others also spoke.

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