MDO organizes smokeless stoves distribution ceremony

Badin July 04, Modern smokeless stoves are environment friendly stoves. Local people need to use smokeless stoves for making healthy environment.
As details, a local organization Mehran Development Organization has organized smokeless stoves distribution ceremony Dusty winds continued from last couple of day at Union Council Khalifo Qasim; district Badin in collaboration with UNDP-GEF small Grant Program last day. On the occasion while addressing the participants, Sardar Bhayo said that after the conducting the survey in 10 villages of UC Khalifo Qasim, it is noted that people of the these villages have cut 39914 trees in each year & more than 71% villagers used 120 Kg wooden fuel in each week & perished hundreds trees for this sake for their food preparation purpose. Modern low price smokeless stoves would help to rebuild the healthy & friendly environment for entire creature. Smokeless stoves also can save the women from various fatal diseases.
Khalifo Amanullah Leghari said that villagers should ensure usage of these beneficial & of low price modern smokeless stoves. These stoves are environment friendly stoves so we have to prove to be environmental friend. On the occasion, Ali Dost Leghari, Dodo Khan Lund Ahmed Halepoto & others also addressed the event.

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