Man’s Chemistry Only a Manipulation of dead Matter

THE HUMAN PROBLEM: Series letters to Scientists by Allama Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi…. (Topics series)

Our Chemistry is mainly the chemistry of lifeless matter. It has brought about some nice and useful combinations of synthetic marvels, but it has shamefully baffled as ever when he witnesses in complete suspense an egg burst of itself into a chicken without being able to account for the smallest process that has happened in the body of it, or when a tiny seed springs into a tree without accounting for the or even the nature of the urge that made it. Why life has an automatic urge has been a bewildering problem throughout and yet it is certain that life must have sprung up from the lifeless matter. This ‘missing link’ when found out and accounted for, would perhaps be the FIRST DAWN of real knowledge, where man-made geometry, mathematics, and chemistry would become playing of the past and Man would then understand Nature in the language and units of Nature. It is astounding that Man who is himself the climax of all urge of life cannot account for or even perceive the urge that makes the hair of his own body grow, his own wound heal, his own food get digested in the stomach, his own ears hear, his own eyes see, his own brain think, and so on. If these qualities have sprung from lifeless matter by some “stroke of magic” surely, cannot be learnt from the chemical formulae that we have discovered and nicely catalogued but by acquainting ourselves more with the action of that “LIGHT” which lit up a dead candle and then makes the latter burn by that touch! That light will only be found out after terrible probing of the mind and Brain into the working of Nature after a new line of research is made out by constant reflection into the mystery of the life. The problem of life is, in fact the problem of knowing that “Mystery of Nature” which makes egg the unit of the coming chicken, sperm the units the coming child or seed the units of the coming tree.