Madonna likely to miss her own post-Oscars part

LOS ANGELES: Singer Madonna will reportedly miss her own post-Oscars party, thrown alongside her manager Guy Oseary, as she will be rehearsing for BRIT Awards.

BRIT Awards will take place here Wednesday.

“People go to the Vanity Fair party to be photographed – then they go to Madonna’s to party in private,” a former guest at one of her parties

Last year welcoming the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, as well as Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence amongst others, the party has some people “annoyed” that it’s so exclusive. “Madonna’s managed to usurp the Oscars, and she’s not from the film business. Some people are annoyed that her party has skimmed the most famous people from the top,” a source said.

Meanwhile, the singer is set to begin promotion for her forthcoming album.

“Madonna has been committed to performing on ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ as well as various other promotions for months. Any Madonna performance naturally requires a lot of rehearsal – like Tina Turner says, ‘We never do nothing nice and easy’.

“I’m told that there will be as many stars as ever at mega manager (Oseary’s) party,” said her representative.

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