Lyari gangster Shiraz Comrade still at large

KARACHI: Wanted Lyari gangster Shiraz Comrade is not among the five gang-war members killed in an encounter with Rangers earlier this morning, family sources have confirmed.

The five criminals killed in an encounter with the paramilitary force on Sunday morning were identified by the Rangers spokesperson as, Akbar Maliri, Shiraz Comrade, Khalid Lashari, Gulab Hassan aka Peeru and Yousuf Pathan.

However later in the afternoon, family sources confirmed that Shiraz Comrade is not among those killed. It is important to mention that law enforcers have claimed arresting Shiraz Comrade multiple times previously as well.

It has been confirmed that the individual earlier mistaken as Shiraz Comrade is also named Shiraz but is much too young to be the wanted gangster of the same name.

Rangers officials have also confirmed the man killed in the encounter is Shiraz Ibrahim aka Comrade Malirwala.

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