Lindsay Lohan pretends to be security guard

NEW JERSEY: Actress Lindsay Lohan pretended to be a security guard on talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.

Poking fun at her Super Bowl commercial for an insurance company in which she played a “sorta mom” and reckless driver, she dressed up this time as host Jimmy Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez, who rose to fame while working as a parking lot security guard,

She wore a curly black wig and fake moustache, while disguising her pink dress beneath a shirt, tie and oversized blazer, the pocket of which had the words `Jimmy Kimmel Live! Security` emblazoned on it.

Panning to the studio doors where Rodriguez usually stands guard, Lohan is seen trying to stop herself from laughing.

Kimmel got suspicious and asked: “Is that you Guillermo? Because you look about 200 pounds lighter than usual.”

Lohan’s response came quick: “Sorta. I’ve been going to pilates.”

The chat show host responded by saying: “Well, you look great… Are you sure you’re Guillermo because you look a little bit like Lindsay Lohan.”

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