Legend singer Abida Parveen first time after 40 years in her home city

LARKANA: Legend singer of subcontinent Abida Parveen reached first time after 40 years in her home city Larkana to recall the memories, addressing the press conference at Sambara in hotel, said that she is proud to be born in Larkana city and Sindh which is soil of sofis and saints, adding that Sindh is rich with Sufism, sufi songs have become her identity.
She said that what ever 1 am today is because of prayers of my Murshid, contribution of hardworking is not as much, love and affection of people in every corner of world for me is really my asset.
To question about the his ideal singers and musical teacher, she said that her father Ustad Ghulam Haider Khan was her professional teacher and her father used to run the Music School in Larkana few decades back, he was my ideal person.
Replying an other question she said that singers and artists are given more respect and honor in India, when she visited the India, was accorded great honor by masses, they are worshiping the singers and their performances.
She informed that she has established a Academy for professional training of singers and other concerned, very soon it would be inaugurated, on the occasion she extended the thanks for inviting her native city and wearing a crown on her head to recognize her great services on 13 April night 2014 in Larkana by Sindh Singers Association.

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