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THE HUMAN PROBLEM: Series letters to Scientists by Allama Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi…. (Topics series)

But apart from the question of the Conquest of the whole Universe, which may many shrug their shoulders at this stage of Human progress and which may take many hundreds of thousand, if not millions of years, from now, there is a question of the more immediate evolution of Man to higher form which is readily intelligible even at this stage of Human progress. This smaller evolution also can take place only under the stress of Earth-wide struggle against Nature as a regimented species and decidedly not in the present hell of international struggles that are going on and which must end in the ultimate extinction of the Human Race. The Scientist alone with his truth can prepare the Human Race for such purpose. The politician who has hitherto run the world is a round thing, which cannot possibly fit this square hole now. If the Scientist of today has not the moral courage to effect this change on point of sword and fire, he alone must responsible for this crime of the gravest order. His present knowledge must then be dubbed as greatest FALSEHOOD in Nature, as TRUTH cannot result in the appalling crime of the FAILURE OF MAN and EXTINCTION OF THE HUMAN RACE, which is the inevitable result of the course Man has chosen for himself. Human Race has NOW EXACTLY stage when this revolution must happen. There is no occasion for waiting as lingerers have always suggested this so many times and lost the opportunity invariably.
THE AIM OF THE ULTIMATE UNION OF THE SUPREME INTELLIGENCE WITH MAN is the only scientific and true purpose, which is written large on the Face of Nature itself and must give endless energy and pick-up to Man in his future efforts. The AIM itself is bound to evolve into REALITY by the mere dynamism of it. It is bound to be back up by every nook and corner of the Nature once it is put into action. It is the essence of the all-Human progress, the climax of all Human emotions, the verdict of the greatest seers, and the last Watch ward of purposeful Universe!
The modern Scientist has no way left for him except to look at Nature from this point of view. Nature has vindicated completely its existence now before him and stands chaste, infinite and PURPOSEFUL! It is for the Scientist now to bring Mankind forcibly round to that PURPOSE and fulfill it at all costs. Nothing should deter him from upholding TRUTH. All falsehood must disappear before the torch of light he holds aloft. It is the courage of his conviction, his unassailable character and his capacity to efface falsehood with one voice that will bring Man successfully to his Ultimate Destiny. Once the determination of the Scientist to rule the world is unanimously announced the whole world will be with him! There is bound to be a TERRIBLE STIR throughout the world FOR A TIME, even APPALLING CRIMES, again OF THE BLACK AGE, but NATURE is bound to smash ALL UNTRUTH in the end!
“The Human Problem was written in the present abridged from at the end of the 1955. The idea had limited publication among a few leading scientists of the Europe and America in July 1951, who expressed vehemently that wide publication be given to it all over the world. This incidentally began on the 11th November 1955, which happened to be the so-called ‘peace day’ of the First World War. Allama Mashriqi expects that every person who has been addressed will reply for or against the idea, so that the proposal of a world conference materialized on a grade and decisive scale. (HUMAN MOVEMENT)
Dr. S.L.HORA, Director of the Zoological Survey of India, Ministry of Natural Resources and Scientific Research, Calcutta.
“I have gone through your pamphlet, “The Human Problem” very carefully. I fully appreciate your point of view and enclose here with copy of Sir Jag dish Chandra Bose Memorial lecture that I delivered yesterday. I hope you will find it appropriate to the thesis you are developing………”
PROF. DR. F.E.W.ALTMANN, Chairman, European Council of Economic Affairs, World University, Los Angles. Chief Editor of “Westdeutsche Wirtschaft”, The Atlantic Union of Economic Geographers, Munchen 13.
“Thousand thanks for your encouraging message. I agree with it and you can count on my co-operation …… Wish you full success …… Cordial regards. I am so happy to have been able to co-operate with you. Good luck for your program. I agree with almost all your disposition.
HIS EXCELLENCY MR. BISANA, Minister of Switzerland, Pakistan Swiss Legation, Karachi.
“I wish to inform you that the President of the Societe Helvetique des Science naturalles suggests that you forward a few copies of your letter to the Deans of the Faculties of Sciences of the following Seven Universities and to the Doyen de la Section mathematiques et physiques and the Doyen de la Section des Sciences naturelles, Ecole Polytechnique Federale at Zurich.”
PROF. DR. DONALD DEXTER VAN SLYKE, A.B, PhD., Brookhaven National Laboratory of Cancer Research, Associated Universities Inc, Upton, N.Y., U.S.A.
“Thanks you for your greetings and for the honor of being included among those with whom you share your profound ideas concerning the position of Man in the Universe, because of the e ephemeral nature of the individual’s existences, I have felt that it was rather hope less to attempt at present to do more than increase our knowledge of the Universe, but perhaps your more courageous attitude is justified. …………With respect regards.”
PROF. FEDINANDO GRIBAUDI, Professor of Economics Geography, Director. Laboratorio di Giografia Economica, Universita Degli Studi, Toino.
“I send my very cordial felicitations to Monsieur Allama Mashriqi for the generous vitality of his ideas and the amplitude of this appeal, to which I freely and willingly respond as Christian and a common man. ………”
PROF. C.A COULSON, House ball Professor of Mathematics, Director Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford.
“I acknowledge and thank you for your letter. (Ref. 7382.)
SIR JOHN COCKCROFT, Director, Atomic Energy Research Establishment United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Harwell.
“Sir John Cockcroft has asked me to thank you for your kindness in sending him a copy of your paper on “The Human Problem”.
SIR G.R de Beer, D.Sc, F.R.S., Director, Natural History British Museum, Cromwell Road, London.
Please accept my grateful thanks for the publication (No.8141), just received. ………”
PROF. DR. WALTER WOODBURN HUYDE, PhD, Emeritus Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
“ I have now read with great interest, …… the provocative essay which you so kindly sent me …… As an evolutionist I do feel that teleology is discernible on the higher level of organic life………I thank you for sending me this brochure on which you have you spent life time in thought and have honored me by asking for my opinion about the matter………I certainly join the critic our common Royal Society of Arts who called your work “Monumental”…I send you my thanks and hearty greeting from the West.”
DR. SALIMUZZAMAN SIDDIQUI, PhD., D.Sc., Director, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Pakistan Secretariat, Karachi, Pakistan.
“It is kind of you to attach so much importance to my views about your project of holding a world conference………I keenly sense the social responsibilities of the scientists, but if the world of human beings should be doomed through the folly of mankind in general, effort of a limited sector of the community cannot do very much to avert it…”
MADAME.E.REMFRY MORRIS, M.Sc., M.B.B.S., F.R.S.A., F.R.A.I., Directress, Archer Gallery Westbourne Grove, London.
“Surely exploitation and war are not the law for Man, outworn conventions, fixed and stagnant ideas must be cast away ……They hinder freedom …… Greeting salutations.”
PROF. G.D.AHMED, M.Sc., Professor of Mathematics, Chandpur College, East Pakistan.
“I am really charmed with the information’s that your letter offered me… To understand Nature we need the real units of Nature as you mention. I agree with all disposition…it is our prime duty to undertake research work on cosmology and try to capture and conquer the whole Universe,………”
PROF.G.BOYD. Of Carleton College of Ottawa on the behalf PROF. ALLEN Mc GREGOR MUNN, M.Sc., Ph.D., F.R.S.A., Carleton, Ottawa, N.America.
“You are a zealot and world needs zealots… The argument you so forcefully present appears basically to be etc., etc…Searching about for a nucleus around which to develop an enlightened purposive movement, you have observed the scientist as the one person going about straight forwardly and unassumingly for all you passionate will to believe-you do not KNOW, nor do I all that given to us is the moment, and if one will we may polish it, appreciate it and die. You may send a copy of your manifesto to!”
PROF. DR. E.FELS. Director Geoghisches Institute Freie Universitat, Berlin, Germany.
“Her Prof. Mashriqi, Dear Great Colleague, I thanks you for your dispatch most heartily which I have gone through with deepest possible interest. It would be good if your wishes could materialize and if scientific spirit could rule the Earth ……”
MR. COGHILL. B.Sc., C/o Imperial College of Science London.
“I have been shown a copy of your publication concerning the “Human Problem” by the President, Association of Applied Biologists to whom you addressed it. I should be grateful if you would send me three copies, two for my other colleagues. I hope the address given on your pamphlet is sufficient. I give my degrees at the end purely to prove interest in your statements. With best wishes.”
PROF. REGINALD RUGGLES GATES, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S. Director of the Department of Anthropology, Peabody Museum 18 Concord Avenue. Cambridge, Mass.
“I came across your letter only very recently after my return… I agree with many points in it, but certain other are also worthy of comments…Large populations have swamping effect on evolution, so the population in most parts of the world should be much reduced. There is then a much greater chance of mutation of new type surviving. …… I see little prospect of a world government until world population is reduced to one—tenth of the present. ……… If the scientists replaced the politician there would, I agree, be some improvement in methods and results, but I cannot believe that the difference between the rich and the poor or between religions or races would ever be eliminated. ……”
PROF. FRIDJTOF NANSEN, The Noble Prizeman for Peace, Lysaker, on TAZKIRAH.
“The problem you deal with interest me highly and I am sure your work will prove to be of great value for the future and will also help, I am sure to promote the cause of peace in the world which is so highly needed……………”

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