Larkana and other areas observes shut-down strike

Imtiaz Gorar
LARKANA: A complete shutter down strike was observed in Larkana
district protest call given by JSQM against non registration of FIR,
murder case of JSQM Leader Maqsood Khan Qureshi and his companion
Salman Wadho and arrest of JSQM workers in Sindh, 3 activists of JSQM
were arrested here on Friday.
All business centers, shops and main bazaars among Resham gali,
bunder road, Shahi Bazar, Anaj mandi, sabzi mandi, Pakistani chok,
shopping centers, petrol pumps, CNG stations were remained closed, a
traffic was thick during the protest, all main roads including VIP
road, Station road and others were deserted.
JSQM activists took out the protest rally led by JSQM leader Comrade
Athar Soomro, Aziz Shaikh, Naeem Pathan, Javed Kalhoro, Ghulam Ali
Mugheri and others and staged sit in at Jinah Bagh Chok and set the
tyers on fire and shouted the slogans in favor of their demands.
Talking to media men they, Police are arresting and torturing the JSQM
workers and their relatives with out any reasons and behaving like Abu
Garib Jail administration, one hand JSQM Leaders and workers are burnt
to death and brutally tortured, he said that sons of soil are insecure
in Sindh other hand outsiders are settled in metropolitan cities.
They alleged that Rangers and Police have arrested the JSQM worker
Zohaib Soomro, Waheed Metilo and Ahsan Leghari near Tank Chok and took
away to known place.
They demanded of rulers to release the arrested JSQM activists and
their relatives other wise JSQM will announce strike on 24th April
2014 and not let to be held by election at PS 35.
During the protest strict security measures were taken to avoid from
any untoward situation, a large number of Police and Rangers personals
were deployed at various sensitive points to maintain the law and
order situation, Police and Rangers carried out joint patrolling at
various roads.

Imtiaz Gorar
LARKANA: Shafqat Hussain Unar an independent candidate of by- election
PS 35 Bakrani has Police and District administration Larkana are
using the government machinery for the PPP candidate Sohail Anwar
Siyal,118 polling stations are sensitive, ECP should deploy the Pal
Army at all polling stations instead of Police for free and fair
election, he said this while addressing the press conference at local
hotel Larkana, he further said that PPP leadership are foreseeing the
defeat in upcoming by election at PS 35, now rulers are engaged to use
other tools to manipulate the election results.
Shafqat Hussain Unar expressed concern over the partial role of SSP
Larkana and district administration to work for PPP candidate Sohail
Anwar Siyal, alleging that all SHOs of PS 35 areas with Police mobiles
are giving protocol to PPP candidate during the election campaign,
even services of LHVs of health department are being hired for rigging
which is condemnable.
He was optimistic that he would win the poll, if free and fair
election held, Nationalist Organizations and Alama Sajid Naqvi of Shia
Ulema Council and other parties have announced to support for him,
added that he believes in serving the masses and put end the basic
problems of his constituency.
An independent candidate demanded of Election Commissioner of Pakistan
to conduct the free, fair and transparent by election at PS 35 under
supervision of Pak Army and restrict the rulers to use the government
machinery for pre poll rigging.

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