KW&SB begins practical work on K-IV Project

Project will complete in three phases each would supply 260mgd water

Sameer Nazir
Karachi Water & Sewerage Board has promptly started practical work on Karachi Greater Water Supply Project, K-IV. In the first phase grand control points has been set up by the consultants Usmani & Company in coordination with DOXIADIS after awarding of consultancy in accordance with SPPRA rules with the consultant firm having services of renowned, well known and experienced technical experts. Now in the second phase survey work was underway speedily so that it could complete within 90 days. The third phase of the project will comprise of the start of ground leveling work after which the study of level of 124 km long K-IV route through digital mapping under detailed contour plan and while applying the latest technology would complete.
The consultant firm Usmani & Company have formed a committee comprising of very experienced experts under the chairmanship of Dr. Mudassar Hussain Arsalan and the project director Saleem Siddiqui has attached a team of 20 senior engineers of K-IV Project comprising Tehseen Shaikh, Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui, Niaz Baig, Naseem Ghouri, Irshad, Zahid Hussain Naqvi, Shehzad Abubakar, Saleem, Qaiser Ali, Qasim Razi, Muhammed Amjad, Imtiaz Khanzada and others to the consultant team.
The KW&SB engineering team will work under the supervision of project manager Qaiser Ali and deputy project manager Moeen Ahmed. The project feasibility work was also assigned to the renowned Greek firm Doxiadis which would complete whole work with the coordination of Usmani & Company in three months.
This may be noted that the piece of land was already obtained for K-IV project and now in order to save it a boundary wall was being also constructed around it.
A joint meeting of the KW&SB officials and the committees of Consultant Company was also held to discuss the various phases of the project under the chairmanship of the project director Saleem Siddiqui.
The project director gave necessary directives regarding project so that the project could be completed in accordance with the SPPRA rules in a transparent way. The project will be completed before the scheduled three year’s time. The first phase of the project would supply260mgd water and the whole project will be completed in three phases under the funding of federal and provincial government. With each phase 260mgd water will be supplied to the city. The approval for getting additional quota from Indus river was also obtained and the water will be brought through the irrigation system, conduit and canals. No compromise will be madde on the international standard and completion of project on scheduled time.
The most important aspect was that latest technology will be used like remote sensing, geological information system(GIS), global positioning system(GPS) digital elevation model(DEM) and 3-D elimination satellite system for taking snaps of the K-IV route which would highlight the whole features and make it easy to remove the hurdles in the execution of development works due to the identification of all such obstacles.

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