Kim Kardashian to charge 5 Cr for the Bigg Boss stint

NEW DELHI: The sensuous, flamboyant, American Reality TV superstar Kim Kardashian has finally given a green signal to India’s Biggest reality show, Bigg Boss 8.

Kim Kardashian had ‘Broken the Internet’ with her bootilicious cover shoot, for the US’s Paper Magazine, and now the curvaceous diva would be entering Bigg Boss house as a guest! Seemingly, her stint at the show would apparently cost Rs 5Cr to the makers of the show.

According the American PR agency, that handle Kardashian’s work said that, the celebrity ranges between $150k-200k per day plus all travel and accommodation, security and other extra costs. However, particularly Kim Kardashian travel with her ‘Kim’s beauty squad’ which includes over 10 to 15 persons.

– Managers

– Makeup Artistes

– Personal Stylists

– Hair dressers

– Manicurist

– Personal Security Officials

Kim charges around 1.5 Cr per day for her appearance solely. And therefore ‘Keeping Up with Kardashian’s’ star would be costing around Rs 5Cr, which would include – First-class air tickets, First-class ground transportation, Security and Glam fee, Luxury Hotel rooms and a First-class suite.
Well we hope the Bootilicious Babe would turn out to be a profitable investment for the makers and would help in boosting the TRP of the show! What do you think would Kim Kardashian’s spell work?

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