Research & Review: “History of Khaksar Movement in India” Thoroughly research and written by Prof. Amalendu De.

Then, Inayatullah analysed the programme of self-reform on which the Khaksar movement is based. In real sense the movement of self-reform is an ordinary part of the principle of belief in one God. So in the primary stages of the movement those who have full faith in Oneness of God should join it. The political weapon of non-violence which the Indian National Congress is using against the British Government for a long time is a minor element compared to the programme of self-reform. Its principal objective is to suppress evil human propensities and to obey God and to offer services to Him in accordance with the order of the Quran.
Therefore, those who are following this path will get reward according to their work from God. But as the Congress has adopted the course of resistance to take revenge against the British and to disturb their administration, and as it has no idea of service of God, there is no programme of self-reform before the followers of this path and self- reform cannot be achieved by it at all. It is God who determined the life of man here on earth and after death. A clear idea about the benefit of organization in this world and the reward of individual after death makes man able to do his work ten times more than the usual load. Keeping in mind the blessings of God it is better to do good things without taking any revenge against anyone. But this object cannot be realized merely by the idea of politics and of nationality The work which is not founded on God and His blessings even after death will not be permanent. For this reason the non-cooperation movement of the Congress could not last longer although it brought some political benefit to the nation. But the main idea behind this movement was to harm the British in trade and commerce. It was not guided by the idea of self-reform or service to God.
Explaining these points Inayatullah observed that in. the primary stages of the movement of self-reform as envisaged by him, the leadership should be in the hands of people with full faith in the services of God but not motivated by feelings of revenge. Inayatullah observed thus:
It should be declared openly that we have no touch with politics. We are neither going to oppose the government nor taking part in the non cooperation and civil disobedience movements. These things are not in our programme. We are engaged in the service of God. Our efforts are directed to introduce self-reform. Our policy will be non-violence, i.e., to forgive and forget. But we will use our right of ‘self-defence’ if we are compelled to do so. We will not oppose the government until it will be necessary to protect our religious rights. We are following the Islamic principles of ‘love and humanity’. So we cannot entertain the spirit of enmity against anyone. Our programme is quite different and no dispute will arise with any party, nation or with the government until their decisions are imposed on us against our wish. We have no ill-will against any human being and even against the government. It is against our spiritual policy which teaches us not to nurse ill-will. We make no distinction between caste and creed. We are for God. We want our rewards from God. We want to make everyone obedient to God through service and modesty. We have no power derived from sword and cannon. This is our ideal of conducting this movement.

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