Khaksar Dr. Sabiha AL-Mashriqi criticizes political party leaders immaturity

KARACHI/LARKANA: Qaid Khaksar Tehreek Pakistan Dr. Sabiha Al-Mashriqi has condemned the political party leadership regarding long March on 14th August, she criticizes that it will weakening the country and its solidarity due to political immaturity of the leaders.
Speaking to the Press Conference here at provincial head quarter Khaksar Tehreek Sindh, she further said that despite of political drama they should seriously resolve proper issues and the country is in worst situation, so that we must support the Pakistan Army in the Zarb-e-Azab operation is ongoing and other serious issues of motherland she said.
She also said it is harmful for all the nation and its economy suffering the country, while all must unite on one plate form to shun their differences on the occasion. She also appealed all the political leaders to remove differences among each other and fight for the cause of Pakistan solidarity and its harmony she suggested.

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