KFF organizes event on Sufism only counter strategy for extremism

Imtiaz Gorar
LARKANA: A Seminar on “Sufism only counter strategy for extremism” was held by Khuwaja Fareed Foundation here at local hotel Larkana reviving the legacy of Sufism.
A large number of Sufis, intellectuals, students and representatives of civil society attended the moot.
Speaking on the occasion Khuwaja Moeenuddin Koreja, Sajada Nasheen of Darbar Khuwaja Ghulam Fareed said in his presidential speech that ” for last one thousand year we all lived in complete harmony due to prevalence of sufi of tolerance, pluralism and love in society, Sufi practically demonstrated that human being is dignified and religion as well as clerks are secondary to him unity of being is the basic of sufi teachings which shows no distinction among people on basis of religion, cast or color, no religion has ever advocated the massacre of children as being practiced by extremists , he appealed to state to restore the Sufi concerts to public, which are undker the control of auqaf and take all out efforts for dissemination of Sufi values through media for saving the country.
Dr Sagar Abro Chairman International Sufi Foundation addressing said that religions zealots are sole cause of extremism and responsible for defacing the actual divine message of love and brotherhood, state controlled Sufism, negative attitude towards Sufi teachings and dread of rising of people due to Sufi wisdom are the causes behind the uprising of fanaticism.
He stressed that only Qadri and chishti orders are pro people, while other sufi orders of subcontinent here always remained pro establishment this Sufism could not pay much in making the people awakened and knowledgeable, he said that a sufi can hace a religions tag to him and only them he can present an alternative ideology to combat this wave of terror in Islamic world.
Dr Sagar Abro also emphasized stake holders of Sufi centers in Sindh to come forward and play their assertive role for serving the people from clutches of this extremism. We believe that Sufism can bring the spiritual healing to people of all races and religion, although Sufism has been criticized from within and outside of Islam regarding the lifestyle, beliefs and practices also attracted the non- Muslims followers because of its emphasis on love and openness.Khuwaja Nazeer al Haq of Shah Daraza said that extremists are people, whose hearts have been locked by God, we can cant change them but by mending ourselves a positive change can be brought out in society, he said that that extremism was present even in life of Sachal Sarmast but sufi never confront, they do their job constantly and bring a change in their surroundings.
Ali Moindin speaking said that Sufism is message of love and equality, only through love we can face these extremists, people should be reached in rural areas where no one but extremists have strong holds and students should be made conversant this ideology. He quoted that a Hindu woman is buried in shrine of Sachal Sarmast and Khuwaja Ghulam Fareed broke his fast on request of a Hindu women and drink glass of milk brought by her only to prove that love and keeping ones heart happy is rest prayer in Sufism. Pamphlets on some topics were also distributed and sufi documentary was played for audience and The music performance by renowned Sufi Singers among Dilbar Shah, Mukhtiar Ali, Ustad Anwar and others were lauded by music lovers, and the concert left the audiences spellbound. Objective behind the organizing such program to promote and preserve ideologies of Sufism


Waheed Phulpoto
SHIKARPUR: The political movement was started between PPPP and opposition party Functional league leaders with showers of charges to damage the political image of each other before the coming election of local government in district Shikarpur in order to gain the peoples sympathies for supporting in election while mud slugging over each others.
The supporting PPPP Taluka Garhi Yasin leaders and the workers had during the joint press conference held at Shikarpur press club on Tuesday last accused Functional league leaders MNA Ghous Bux Khan Mahar and his son MPA Sindh Muhammad Shaharyar Khan Mahar for supporting the criminal and terrorist groups to deteriorate the law and order situation in Taluka Lakhi Ghulam Shah and the district because of according to PPPP leaders the Mahar group men and MNA Ghous Bux Khan Mahar wanted domination over the people of their constituency and the district.
While countering the intolerant statements delivered by the PPPP leaders and their supporting workers, the functional league Taluka Lakhi Ghulam Shah leaders Barkat Ali Kehar General Secretary, Ali Khan Rajar, Abdul Waheed Mahar, Habibullah Mahar, Fakir Juman Nonoari, Arshad Ahmed Mahar, Meer Hazar Khan Buriro, Shah Muhammad Deenari , Fakir Muhammad Khan Buriro and other functional league Taluka leaders of Lakhi Ghulam Shah contradicted such bigoted allegations framed by PPPP leaders have also accused the Divisional PPP leader and Sindh Assembly Speaker for involvement of communication with criminal and terrorist elements and extend close cooperation with criminals in order to create NO GO AREAS in his constituency so that he could avail the support of the people of the area freely without interference by the opposition voters during the polls to achieve the voting support there. Besides the functional league supporting leaders have also allegedly said that there are running deadly tribal disputes amongst 16 different tribes in Taluka Garhi Yasin which can not be settled by Agha Siraj Durani despite the people involved in tribal disputes are remaining under his umbrella and shelter which caused to create the unrest when 100 of innocent people were killed in tribal disputes.
On the other hand they appreciated for providing jobs to the jobless youths in big number belonging to Garhi Yasin Taluka particularly. However the functional league supporters have expressed their deep concerned over the recruitment against the illegal gratifications without considering any merit. While many of the employees are awaiting for salaries since last so many months as well as the employees who had taking jobs through payment of lacs of rupees as a bribe are badly suffering from troubles and difficulties to feed their families.
On the occasion the functional league supporters also pointed out that no any new development schemes were brought under constriction excepting the completion of the old ongoing schemes in Taluka Garhi Yasin as well as the other towns of the district when Agha Siraj Durani had got his modern style bungalow and bullet proof boundary wall of the Koat Durani for the security purpose with illegal funds.
In the last they also said and added that MNA Ghous Bux Khan Mahar and his supporters were not only the remnants of Journal Zia when Agha Sadaruddin Khan the father of Agha Siraj Khan Durani was one of the remnants of Journal Zia regime who was posted as the ambassador of Spain by Journal Zia after Agha Sadaruddin Khan was defeated in 1985 election.

They asked to Agha Siraj Khan Durani and his PPP supporters should stop the controversial statements against MNA Ghous Bux Khan Mahar and MPA Shaharyar Khan Mahar otherwise the functional league workers would come out on roads to launch protest drive against Agha Siraj Durani and his supporters who were involved in creating political disturbances.


SHIKARPUR: A man identified as Lakhmir Aka Lakho Marfani and a woman Shama Aka Shami were gunned down on pretext of Karo-Kari at village Abdul Rahman Marfani within the jurisdiction of Jahan wah police station here on Wednesday. While the name of the murder could not be ascertained till this news was flashed because of the SHO Gul Hassan Brohi of the concerned police station Jahan Waah denied to disclose the name of the accused due to complicated situation of the incident.

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