Kashmir day observes in Badin to express solidarity with Kashmiris

BADIN: Kashmir solidarity day was observed throughout the district Badin against the Indian oppression.
Hundreds of participants from Jamaet Islami Badin & Jamaet Dawa Badin have held rally in the solidarity with people of occupied Kashmir in Badin. Rally was took out from Allah Wala Chowk Badin & concluded at Badin Press Club.
Representatives of Jamaet Islami Badin & Jamaet Dawa Badin while addressing the participants said that Kashmiris are our brothers & we would not left them alone. India Govt should fulfill international obligation to provide them their rights.
They also have urged to international community to fulfill its promise to Kashmiris, of granting them their rights to self-determination through a free & fair election.
Police raids on houses of peaceful citizen & demolishes houses without guilt:Citizen
BADIN: Badin police raided on the houses of peaceful citizen of Lawari Sharif & specially houses of Gopang brothery. More than 50 people along with women & children including Rasheed Ahmed Gopang, Shams Din Gopang, Umer Gopang, Zahida Gopang, Hassina Gopang, Nasiban Gopang, Maryam Gopang, Sattar Gopang, Saliha Gopang & others conducted press conference at Badin Press Club.
While Press conference, they expressed that Badin Police especially SSP Badin favoring their opponents have raided over the houses of peaceful citizen of Lawari Sharif especially houses of Govt servants including Pak army soldiers.
They said that our army soldiers who are currently performing their duties in various places of country at WANA, Kashmir & others against terrorism but here Badin police has demolished their houses in the name of the operation against culprits & injured their innocent parents & siblings without any reasons.
They alleged that Badin police has raided on their homes & filched their precious material of about 80 lacs including gold & also demolished more than 32 houses nearby Lawari Sharif last day.
They alleged that Badin police has arrested their daughters, aged persons & youths without any guilt & reason by giving favor to their opponents.
They appealed to Apex Supreme Court of Pakistan, IG Sindh & DG Rangers to take stern action against real culprits & justice with peaceful citizens of Lawari Sharif.


Shikarpur: Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Larkana Sain Rakhio Mirani held a press conference at SSP Office Shikarpur here on Thursday.
Talking to media men DIG Sain Rakhio Mirani said that we have arrested seven tailor masters for investigation in Shikarpur central Imam bargah bomb blast and further investigation is underway.
On the occasion he said that Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah made an inquiry commission under the supervision of DIG Larkana and four members including SSP Shikarpur, SSP Khairpur Mirs, SSP Sukkur and DIG Special Branch Sukkur and we will reach to involved culprits very soon.
He further said that Shikarpur is not a terrorists hub and we will soon arrest real culprits involved in bomb blast incident.
He said and added that four bomb blast have occurred in Shikarpur and three of them are sectarians including former MNA Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Jatoi, Dargah Hajan Shah Marri and central Imam bargah Shikarpur.

On the occasion SSP Shikarpur Saqib Ismail Memon were also present.


Waheed Phulpoto
Shikarpur, Feb 05: Professor Ahsan Iqbal the Fedral Minister for Planning, development and reforms visited Shikarpur on Wednesday late evening and offered fatiha to the victim families of their relatives martyred in recent disaster of suicide bomb blast in central Imam bargah Masjjid occurred on Friday last.
On the occasion the Minister also visited the place of incident and expressed his condolence with the caretakers of Imam bargah.
Talking to the media men he said that the terrorism was the preplanning conspiracy being hatched by the Islamic and country enemies who were following the directions of Anti-Muslim forces because of the anti Islamic and forces wanted to destroy the peace and tranquility as well as to harm the democratic process by encouraging the sectarian dispute in the country to meet their ulterior motives as the anti Pakistan forces did not want to see Pakistan as an atomic power.
He further said and added that under the able leadership of Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif all out efforts were being made for stability of democratic process which was restored after long in the country. While in order to crush the terrorist activities being exercised by the militants.

He claimed that with the full coordination and cooperation of military, civil government and political parties the national security action plan was constituted to uproot the curse of terrorism and hoped that with the support of National security action plan the terrorism would put in end very soon.
Reply to a question the Minister said that the Federal and Sindh Provincial governments were on their way to utilize their all sources in search of real culprits involved in the Shikarpur disaster when some leads were achieved for arresting the culprits soon. While the Prime Minister and his cabinet offering their sympathies with the victim families of Shikarpur disaster.


Shikarpur: The activists of Jamiat-ulema-e-Pakistan (JUP) and Jamait Islami (JI) took out the separate peace rallies followed by demonstrations at Lakhi Gate Clock tower chowk here on Thursday evening.
The rallies led by Moulana Shafique Ahmed Qadri, Habib Ahmed Qadri of JUP and Professor Nizamuddin Memon of Jamaat-e-Islami were taken out from Madarsa Ghosia and Madarsa Furqania Shikarpur.
The protesters strongly condemned the Shikarpur disaster and demanded of Sindh government as well as Shikarpur district and police administrations for early arrest of the culprits involved in the disaster of suicide bomb blast in central Imam bargah Masjjid.

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